Fudger One Year Anniversary Beatdown!!!

I was so happy to survive the Hartsville GORUCK Tough I wanted to Q Farsight the following week!!! It was a little chilly at Farsight!!!  Guys showed up wearing toboggans and high socks!!!  We had 16 guys show up and the beatdown began!!!  You would think after a year I would know how to count Box Cutters, Hartsville Hammers, and Air Squats.  I am thankful that Divac and Bodybags were there to tell me how to count!!!  I need all the help I can get!!!  Ragtop claimed his Fit Bit said he burned 5 calories!!!  I had to remind him that Fitbits count steps and not Merkins!!!

The Thang:

25 IC Side Straddle Hop

10 IC Windmills

25 IC Penningtons (Forward and Reverse)

BIG 21!!!

Run 2 Laps around the track

Lots of LBC

Box Cutters (Single Count) LOL!!!  The Pax Corrected Me and Told me it was impossible to do single count Box Cutters!!!

Team Lunges from the Basketball Courts to the light and back!!!

Firemans Carry to Basketball Courts and back to the light!!!

21 Merkins

Hartsville Hammers

Flutter Kicks

Announcements: Linus reminded us that we were preparing BBQ for Boys and Girls Club next Thursday.  HH at Italian Stallions house to chop wood tonight!!!  Beer, Chainsaws, and soup!!!  Sounds like fun!!!  Fudger offered for the pax to clean his house the following week!!!  Beer will be provided!!!  Little Jack will be Qing his 50th birthday next Thursday!!!  Pawnstar will be Qing on Saturday!!!

Devo: This was my one year anniversary Q!!!  I reminded the pax that my first workout EPO was my Q, it was cold and raining, and Tater took bets that I would puke!!!  F3 has been one of the best things that I have done for myself in the last 10 years!!!  Thanks for the support guys!!!

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