Suns out, Dorks out

Weather- Foggy and warm

Spring break started this week, so that meant all the cool guys left on their private yachts. It was up to the dorks to carry on the proud name of The Clinic.   The Clinic dorks look to me as their leader. I could not let them down, so I took the Q.


SSH x 20

Windmills stopped at 16 when Judy complained.

Mosey to BC parking lot.


1 minute of Merkins AMRAP

Block sliders to the other end of parking lot.  4 burpees at 1st light pole, 3 burpees at 2nd, 2 burpees at 3rd, 1 burpee at end.

Partner up. 100 burpees total. 1 partner runs 10 yards and back while other partner does burpees. Switch out until done.

Mosey to track

15 minute modified “Temple”-20 squats, LBCs, merkins then run a lap then 15 of each run a lap then 10 of each run a lap then 5 of each run a lap.  Goal was to finish in 15 minutes. Finishers were The Denominator (Murph), Southern Belle, and Judy

Mosey back to brick pile

11s- start at one end of parking lot 10 V-ups to 1 Big boy run to other end

9 to 2 run back

8 to 3 run

7 to 4 run

and so on...


3 year anniversary party at Last Rites on 4/14- everyone needs to RSVP

Awards Nominations

Mud Run

Christmas in April sign up


I’ve heard people say that God never gives you more than you can handle.  I don’t think God is concerned with how much we can handle.  God loves us even though we do not deserve his love.  I think that we can handle all things because of God.  We aren’t the important ones.  God is!!


No FNGs but we re-named Paula Dean.  He is now called The BA.


Stallion- After proclaiming that he was motivated to hit it hard again, he forgot to actually come to the workout.

Paula Dean aka The BA- gave me a cussing for asking him to help me and Southern Belle finish our burpees.  He was on a team of 3

The Denominator- just found out he’s a Clinic dork.  He actually thought he was cool.

Southern Belle- Petey Joe sees a lot of potential here.  I may have to mold him into greatness like Lil Smokey

Chainsaw- left at 529

Winkles- Wore his white socks with sandals to workout.

Pinocchio- made it to workout after driving all night from San Antonio

Judge Judy- dropped from cool guys cliche after they found out he was a lightweight

The Stepper- not actually cool.  He drives the boat

Lil Sweet- carried a bag of seed 300 yards since my dork workout was too easy

Barfly- was cool back in the 80s




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I Must Break You

I began planning my redemption Q by taping one of my daughter’s Barbie dolls on top of the Clinic flag. I don’t know why, but seemed funny and likely to irritate some of the old timers (that's you Bench and Barfly). It's always hard to plan a Q at the Clinic with its combination of washed-up rock stars with broke down knees like Barfly and Spartan legends like Arnold and Groundblind.  You don't want to make it too hard or the guys like Paula Dean will cuss you or too easy and watch Chainsaw and Woodchip laugh at you.  However, today my goal was to make sure no one finished early.  Today the Q wins.

Warmup: Everyone do 5 burpees on their own and mosey over to the brick pile. Why? Because they're all gonna laugh at me if I count of exercises.  You guys suck.  Especially Judy.

The Thang:

The PAX were instructed on a ladder exercise I came up with during my time at PT with the Steel Magnolias.

50 Merkins-Bear Crawl across parking lot with donkey kicks in the middle-50 Big Boys- 5 laps around parking lot-Duck walk back.

40 Merkins-Bear Crawl across/donkey kicks-40 Big Boys-4 laps around parking lot-Duck walk back.

Continue with 30-30-3 laps then 20-20-2 laps then 10-10-1 lap.


Run back to AO. Plank it up.  Box cutters.

No one finished. Paperboy may have puked.  Winkles and Hooker moaned.  Barfly cried. Chainsaw, Postal, and Woodchip ran away.  Nutt just didn't show. Paula Dean cussed. Job well done by me.


Arnold finished 2nd at Spartan would have been 4th with the elites.


Forgive and Forget. God instructs us to not only forgive others but also forget past transgressions. Just as he forgives and forgets our sins. This is something I have to continually work on to not only forgive but forget. We should approach others we have issues with to work out our problems and not carry around ill feelings.

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Swamp Thang

I decided to get the boys some work with the tires this morning with a combination of a burpee and tire flip. As I was loading up the tires in my truck, a cop rolled up on me and wanted to know what I was doing at 445 in the morning. I told him about F3 and my plans for the tire flip. He immediately pointed out a puny spare tire and told me to grab that one for the BA. I rolled into the parking lot and the fellas were already whining about the rain. Woodchip wanted to do some Red Rover in the parking lot to stay dry. Arnold went to the bathroom and never came out. I could tell everyone was antsy. Out of the corner of my eye, I caught a glimpse of a blue truck rolling in. The legend known in these parts as Ground Blind had arrived. Everyone crowded the truck and carried this Greek God on their shoulders to the circle.  I must admit I was nervous about my first Q, but I knew I could count on my cousin Barfly. However, he forgot about me and showed up 45 minutes after he said he would meet me. I planned a workout for the guys in the 6 to come alive like Paula Dean and Pathfinder but they were distracted by a mama bird and her eggs.  Chainsaw made an appearance and actually stayed until the end, this was very encouraging. However, I realized he just did this to lead a mutiny against me at the end. The Stepper had his rotten VT sweatshirt on just to make me feel welcome, while the BA strolled in sporting a Steve Spurrier edition F3 visor. I tried to teach the guys a proper chopping wood exercise, but Judge Judy showed up for the first time in over a month just to heckle me.  I wish more guys were like Italian Sausage who asked for my permission to miss this morning. I was also proud of Winkles who didn't pass gas for the first workout I've been to.  Welcome to Fools Gold and Postal, who probably won't come back after this morning's fiasco. Congrats to Fender for completing the Temple

PS I forgot about Bow tie and his craptastic hat.  Don't ever talk about my field cones.

Warmup: SSH in cadence x 20, chop wood x only 2 because I forgot how to do them

Main Thang: Partners trade off, 1st group switches with 2nd group after completing a lap, back and forth

1st group run around soccer field completing bear crawl, 10 burpees, 20 merkins, 20 big boys, Carioca, and 30 air squats

2nd group performs a burpee and tire flip down the middle of the field

Devo:  I decided to talk about staying faithful to God during hard times in our lives.  I recently lost both of my parents and through faith and reading Scripture I was blessed by God through my introduction to F3. Thank you to Barfly and all the men in the clinic. God has used this to help me heal from my grief.

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