Farsight Fox Preview

The Fox is coming up, so YHC took this opportunity scout out the other AO’s while building up some excitement.  A solid group of 11 showed up and YHC wondered aloud if the fire ants and mosquitoes were still biting.  Karate Kid piped up and said that's "just part of the pain of suffering."  I like the attitude.




Warmup/The Main THANG




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I guess you just had to be there.



Fox-need signups if you want tshirts, water coolers, $$, volunteer



Live for today.  Matthew 24:36 & Matthew 6:34




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Operation Legacy AAR

Between the hours of 0500 and 0900 on 20190420 EST, Operation Legacy was successfully completed.

GORUCK and the Travis Manion Foundation teamed up and put forth a challenge to the GORUCK Ruck Clubs to carry out service projects in honor of Fallen Heroes. The standards were to have at least 5 members in a team, ruck a few miles, complete a service project of any size, and tag it all using social media.

I started planning as soon as I got the first email on 20 March. I knew I could get 5 to do something but, I wanted it bigger. I saw a post from Carolina's Kids that was shared by Krispy Kreme that showed empty shelves. That tugged at my heart. I had found our objective.
I started posting information once or twice a day on either GroupMe or Facebook. While thinking of who we could honor, I realized that there were names on the wall at my unit of 3 KIA i did not know. Anyone Hero would due but, it bothered me that i didn't thier sacrifice. Names easily forgotten.

By the first deadline on 01 April I had 25 registered. I was excited. My standard for this event was going to be fill a ruck with donations and ruck that as the weight. Even that amount would have helped our objective.

Judge Judy started talking up the donation drive for the AO's to support. That surprised me. He hadn't even registered. Oliver Segars started collecting money donations towards a pallet of canned goods. I knew then my standards had to change.

Fox and Arrow was my main focus. But, other F3 Hartsville PAX were making a huge dent on this objective with thier own donations towards the TMF, the AO bucket collection, and the pallet.
39 donations were pledged on our TMF link which totaled to $425. The money towards the pallet actually became 2 pallets. The total weight of the food from the AO's, rucks, and pallets came to around 2200lbs. Wow!

The actual event had a welcome party, a tactical movement with 3 improvised litters, PT sessions, and time hacks. I even involved the regular Convergence crowd. As much as i like sharing about those 4 hours, it goes against my principles of Silence, Violence, and Silence i use for my Operations.

I want to focus on the impact of this event. Andrea Pulling told me this was very touching to her. Spring Break is a rough time for these kids. We were able to plus them up from that need and secure enough food for the rest of the school year. That's a job well done and some bellies filled. Thank you all for helping and donating to this event.

I use the word "I" a lot in this BB. It was not me, it was Him. I have felt the hand of God throughout this project. I am glad God saw fit to have me lead this. And I am grateful for everyone who stood in this gap with me.

Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart. And, may God continue to bless you.


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GridIron 04162019

So our great and fearless leader NanTan GreenAcres was begging for help with his GridIron crowd. He said they were scared to sign up for Q and were being pansies about the rain, cold, and pollen that you have to deal with  by being outside. To help out with 1 issue YHC signed up to Q this morning. Low and behold it was a nice 43 and clear out this morning.

But no GreenAcres. He tried to play it off by saying he was "planting corn". Funny how that tractor was parked in the field at 0515 with no lights on or people around it. He must have been on a quick break and definitely not in the Fartsack. That goes for the other 24 on the GridIron chat too.

15 IC LoveMe’s
15 IC Frankensteins
15 IC Reach Thru’s

10 IC Merkins
Beastie’s Groiners 2 rounds each leg

The Thang
4 cones were set up in approximately the middle of the soccer fields in a square 15 yards apart
Start at a cone, run out to a corner, do exercise and run back.
When you return you Bear Crawl from the cone you started at to the next then run out to corner and perform next exercise until time called.

12 Burpees
20 2-count FlutterKicks
25 Merkins
40 LBC’s
We ran until 6:07, called Recover and circled up for COT
All PAX covered at least 2 miles this morning (the last few out and backs may have been "louder" since Goldie was hollering something about being hit by a bus would be more fun)
Name-o-rama, CountOff, Announcements

Devo was on accountability to your brothers in F3 which should lead you to be accountable to others in your life and don't let excuses get in the way.

"200 miles in the books! Got an excuse? Who doesn't, but we control whether or not that excuse controls us and allows our mind to keep us from reaching our goals. Just Do It!!!"

I found the above quote on my phone yesterday and it dated back to the 2017 Palmetto200. Don't let the excuse you used this morning to sleep in be the same excuse you use in the morning or Thursday morning.

Goldie closed us out in prayer and a little extra love was sent Fudger's way.



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SB’s Improv Q

The night before, Green Acres asked who had the Q for the gloom, and you could hear a pin drop.  Q sheet was blank.  No one antied up, but surprisingly there were a lot of HC's.  YHC rolled into Gridiron right at 0829, and being last in won YHC the honor of Qing.


Conditions :

No Rain, 60 degrees



30 SSH  IC

30 Cherry Pickers IC

10 Windmills  IC

10 Arm Circles Forward / 10 Backwards IC


The Main Thang :

During the warm-up,  YHC tried to count how many PAX posted while doing warm-ups IC.  Hooker seemed impressed that YHC was multi-tasking, but being from el cid, YHC struggles to count higher than 3.  YHC counted 7 pax (although there were 8) so that determined we would not share the workload since there was an odd number.  Not so impressed now are you, Hooker?  Trying to decide where to begin, YHC brought a block to add to GI's block pile, so why not begin there? We moseyed over to the block pile where there was the perfect number of blocks for every PAX to have their own.  We took our blocks over to the tennis court and got to work.


20-15-10-5 goblet squats. Ran a lap around the tennis court in between each set.

Lunged blocks to the light post /  block sliders back to the starting line.  Hooker pushed his block with so much force it caused the block to split in half.  Saw it with my own eyes.  Now our perfect number of blocks was one short, so Hooker took two halves and made a whole.

20-15-10-5 overhead press.  Ran a lap around the tennis court in between each set.  Added 5 burpees after running each lap.

10 curls IC just for fun.

At this point, YHC was running out of ideas since we'd already done all the exercises that really matter (curls).  Luckily it was 0605 and time to mosey back to the COT for some Mary.



30 Flutter Kicks IC

30 Hello Sally IC

20 Pickle Pounders (One of the PAX let everyone know this was his second time pounding his pickle for the day, awkward)

10 Slow HH IC


Being an improv Q, YHC hadn't prepared a devo.  The first thing that came to mind was YHC's favorite podcast (Team Never Quit) that YHC listened to the day before.  A former Navy SEAL discussed his battle with opioid addiction after getting out of the teams.  After seven overdoses and trying to end his life multiple times, he finally had an awakening.  The main thing that was causing problems in his life was his ego.  He felt that being a Navy SEAL, he had to act a certain way.  This caused him to treat his loved ones poorly, eventually pushing them all away.  While we may not have an ego this extreme, it's important to be humble in all aspects of life.



The FOX on 5/11

It was great seeing some new/old faces.  Great push by all the PAX in attendance.


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F3 Hartsville Presents the 4th Edition of The Fox #CSAUP

B.L.U.F. – It’s hard. You’ll get better. Sign up HERE

It’s baaaack!

Mark your calendars now! Back for the fourth consecutive year on Saturday May 11th the PAX of F3 Hartsville will host the #CSAUP that F3 Nation will be talking about the rest of the year…The Fox!

You’ve heard of The Goat and The Mule and some little fun run called The Yeti…well The Fox eats Goats, Mules and Yetis for breakfast!  That’s probably not true but after cementing The Fox into the #CSAUP Hall Of Fame last year, YHC and team have raised the bar yet again. Through each stage of planning we have erred on the side of “choosing the hard thing”. You’d think we would be experienced by now…but no, we still don’t exactly know what we’re doing so it will definitely be Completely Stupid and Utterly Pointless.

What is The Fox?

This is a team event.  Put your three or four man team together considering speed, strength and endurance will be equally relied upon in this challenge. Don’t have a team? That’s fine, sign up anyway and we will put you on a team!  We will classify teams in four groups and each group will have a staggered start time; Gazelles(6-8 min/mile 10K pace), Thoroughbreds(8-10 min/mile 10K pace), Clydesdales(10+ min/mile 10K pace) & Mules(If you plan to RUCK the event. Minimum weight requirement is 30 lbs).  The course is approximately 11-13 miles (ish) around town hitting at least 5 AO’s full of pain with some extra pain stations built in along the way.  We will start and end at Prestwood Country Club (because we’re classy like that, and Tater Salad is on the board) and the course will be both on and off pavement (WAY off pavement at times).

The Fox 2nd F

Bowtie is in charge of the entertainment this year.  His favorite types of music are death metal and Mexican mariachi so who knows what will happen.  No matter the band, immediately following the event there will be some solid Second F at the club with beer & food provided (bring your own lawn chair). This is really what makes the event worth while, sharing war stories from the event with your brothers, new and old alike. Winners for each class will be announced during this time so be sure to stick around.  I hear there may even be prizes! 

The Fox 2.0 Race

Be sure to bring the whole family! We will have a Fox 2.0 course set up for the young guns (boys and girls)! Race will start at 11:15.  Course will be approximately 2 miles with several “obstacles”. We will put 2.0’s on teams based on age or they can form their own team if preferred (sign them up as any racing class…it doesn’t matter) and each team will be accompanied by an adult (certainly your M or yourself are welcome to run as well). You don’t want to miss out on this part! T-shirts will be given to all who register!

The Why

Why give 3-4 hours of your Saturday to such a pointless and stupid event?  Because it’s actually the opposite of that.  You will push yourself to new heights and relish in the victory with your brothers of completing an event as tough as this!  And…because it’s not about you.  It’s about the guy who will be on your team that needs you there so that he can reach the next level.  Don’t let him down!

Who Are The Event Q’s?

Bow Tie, Ground Blind and Divac

Is It Ruck Friendly?

Heck yea!  We can’t promise there won’t be other heavy things to lift but this will be great training for anyone preparing for a GoRuck challenge.

What Kind Of Equipment Do I need?

Flippers, goggles, one of those triathlon unitard things….No really, normal workout gear should suffice.  I would recommend some high socks to protect your shins.  Remember, it’s both on and off pavement.

How Long Will This Take?

We’re not sure.  I would budget for AT LEAST 2.5 hours for the Gazelles (and that will be smoking it!)  Wheels up at 0630 for ruckers and we hope all will be enjoying some Second F by 1100.

What Does It Cost?

Nothing, zero, zilch, nada to participate.  BUT…it does cost to put the event on.  Last year we broke even, almost to the dollar! This year we are donating anything above cost to Cypress Adventures.  If there were a youth form of F3 & FIA, this would be it!  These kids are learning about leadership and doing most if it through experiences outside (sound familiar?)  (Website here)  So if you are so inclined please send a donation (in the amount of your choice, even $5 helps!) via PayPal to blake_faucette@yahoo.com  Please use “friends and family” method and indicate “The Fox” in the comments section.  All registrants (including 2.0’s) will get an event T-shirt.

Who Is Invited?

All men 18+.  All of F3 Nation is invited and this could be a good chance to get some FNG’s, if they like a challenge.

Do We Need Volunteers?

Yes. We will need volunteers for pain stations, hydration stations, photography, chase car and probably more that we haven’t thought of.  If you or your M or 2.0 would be willing to volunteer, please contact one of the Q’s, indicated in the comment section at the end of the post, or sign up here.

What Is The Route?

Now that would spoil all the fun…

Where Do I Sign Up?

Please sign up here.  Sign up as an individual or a team.  If you know your team make sure that each member includes the SAME team name.  If you sign up without a team we will group individuals together the best we can.

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6 Week Weight Loss Challenge – Spring 2019

Need to lose some weight but don’t have accountability? Love competition and winning money? Here's your chance. If you're like me and have been wanting to drop a few pounds, there's absolutely no reason for you to say no to this challenge.

What: It's simple. $20 buy in. Whoever loses the highest percentage of weight in 6 weeks wins the pot.

When: 04/11/2019 - 05/23/2019

Where: You must bring your cash to me on April 11th and we will all weigh in and out on the same scale that I provide. No exceptions. There will be three opportunities on the weigh-in and weigh-out days.

  • 5:00am @ The Clinic (This will be quick so you can make it back to your AO)
  • 5:15pm @ Revolution
  • 6:45pm @ Mac's for Happy Hour

Details: Yes, there will be a chat and you will be added at weigh in. Yes, it will be gone when this challenge is over. You can direct your questions to the chat or me directly. If you fail to weigh in or out on the same day, you forfeit your chance at winning and it will go the the next in line.

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April Fools Day ?

April Fools Joke

As YHC sat in my truck in the gloom listening to the steady rain I began to wonder If I would have to workout on my on. I should have known better. head lights finally appeared. First El Jefe then Southern Bell. my plan was to do partner work but given the fact that there were only three of us I had to pull an audible. Sort of…… same workout just no partner to share the load. YHC had planned for more Pax so there was an assortment of sandbags. 4 40lb bags  2 60lb bags and 1  80lb bag. El Jefe grabbed a 60. Southern Bell was next. He went strait for the 80lb bag even after I warned against it. The choice was clear for me, I had to take the other 60.  For the record, I'm pretty sure that wet sandbags are much heavier than dry ones. I kew that when Southern Bell mentioned nearly spilling Merlot that this workout was legit !

Conditions :

April 2 felt more like February 2 today. Mother Nature's version of an April Fools Day joke.  The temperature was 35 and raining.  We had to move quick to get our minds off of the weather.


20 SSH  IC

20 Emperial Walkers IC

10 Windmills  IC

10 Cherry Pickers IC

The Main Thang :

We Moseyed over to YHC's truck where the tailgate was dropped with an assortment of Sandbags. Of course given the three Pax who showed up, the three biggest bags were used. The plan was to partner up. While Partner A did sandbag work Partner B would run to a predetermined point the return to relieve their partner. Since so many GridIron Pax took the easy way out today and Fartsacked, YHC had to adjust. Same workout just none to share the load.

We lined up at the first drive into GridIron with our sandbags facing the second Driveway. from there it went like this.

  1. 3 Sandbag Burpees ( ends with your arms fully extended  with your bag overhead.)
  2. Sandbag Shouldering 3 each side. ( from the ground lift the bag to the right shoulder, slam it down to the ground, then lift to the left shoulder)
  3. 3 Overhead Press
  4. Then throw your Sandbag as far as possible, Lunge Walk to it, rinse and repeat all the way across the field.

Now that we have crossed the field, it was time to get in the running we should have had mixed in if we had partners. We left our Sandbags and ran a short out and back. This was actually like taking a break after crossing the field with the sandbag.

When we got back to our Sandbags YHC told the Pax that we had to get back across the field with our bags. They seemed relieved when I told then we would not go back the same way we came. That quickly turned to anger when I told them we would BearCrawl while dragging our bags back to where we had started.

We made it. YHC checked his watch. 0600. A little early but given the fact that the rain was coming down harder now, we had done a lot of work in a short amount of time and YHC could tell that my objectives for the morning had nearly been met.


30 Flutter Kicks IC

30 Cross Overs IC



The last few years farming has been tough on YHC.  Three bad years out of Five has left me disheartened and questioning if this is the right thing to be doing. The last few weeks have been spent praying and asking god for clarity of mind so that the best decisions can be made for my family and my crew.

Coincidentally during the same period of time I received two very flattering awards. The WaterBug Man Of The Year award and the Darlington County Conservationist of the Year. I found it ironic that while I had such internal struggles going on, I would receive such great honors. Then it occurred to me  that these awards were God's way of offering me encouragement during a hard time. Upon further thought, I realized that life is not about any award. Awards don't matter ! What is important is being a faithful servant to our lord. This reminded me of the story when Jesus asked Peter to step out of the boat and walk on water. Peter did this, but once he realized he was walking on water he lost focus on Jesus and he began to sink.  We must keep our focus on Jesus or we will sink just like Peter. if you find yourself sinking fear not, call on the lord and he will rescue you.

Respectfully Submitted

Green Acres

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Fools in the Rain

Pretty sure Pirates don’t like sailing ships in the cold wind and rain.  But it’s Piratesville, for goodness sakes.  You’re supposed to get wet.  That’s what makes it FUN!  Upon arrival, the PAX hastily headed for the shelter of the bathroom building and huddled up like a bunch of sheep. YHC had a master plan involving a lot of coupons and team work.  However, after hearing the steady downpour this am and fearing a poor turnout and possible mutiny, YHC quickly went to work on a backup Q.  Some of it was planned and some of it was improvised.


Wet, cold, and windy

Hears how it went down….


SSH x 50, Windmills x 20 IC, Mountain climbers x 20 IC, Striking cobras x 20 IC, Merkins x 15 IC, Leg raises x 20, Flutter kicks x 20 IC, run a lap around the parking lot.

Barely a drizzle at this point, but Mumblechatter King wannabe Barfly starts whining about the wind and rain and the concrete and burpees.

The Main Thang


  • 20 Burpees
  • 20 Merkins
  • 20 Jump Lunges (each leg)
  • 20 BBS
  • 20 Monkey Humpers
  • 20 Mountain climbers (2 count)
  • Run lap around parking lot

The PAX completed 3-4 rounds.  Multiple PAX, especially Mumblechatter runnerup Barfly requested a reduction in reps each round.  Request DENIED.  Suck it up.

Judge Judy, still bristling from his 1st loser of the 1st F award, was on a mission.  He dominated this event.  Clearly Judy got spread too thin vying for the fashion, mumblechatter and 1st F awards.

Divide into 2 teams.  Complete the team reps, run a lap and move on to next round.

  • Round 1--100 merkins
  • Round 2--200 monkey humpers
  • Round 3--300 Freddie mercuries 2 count

Winkles threw Judge Judy and YHC on his back and crushed the 4 man team of Paula Dean, Bowtie, Stepshow, and Barfly.


An assortment including Dollies, Box cutters, Planks

Count-o-rama, Name-o-rama


Oyster Roast recap, FOX May 11


Ecclesiastes 4:8-12

8There was a man all alone; he had neither son nor brother.
There was no end to his toil, yet his eyes were not content with his wealth.
“For whom am I toiling,” he asked,“and why am I depriving myself of enjoyment?”
This too is meaningless—a miserable business!

Two are better than one,because they have a good return for their labor:
10 If either of them falls down, one can help the other up. But pity anyone who falls
and has no one to help them up.
11 Also, if two lie down together, they will keep warm. But how can one keep warm alone?
12 Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves.  A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.

The message I glean from the first few verses is that we are not meant to be alone.  Whatever we do alone will be in vain and we will never find joy. The second half of the passage reveals how much stronger we can be when we depend on others.  Like most men, I don’t like asking for help and I want to fix my own problems.  But that is not how we were designed.  Be willing to offer a helping hand and be open to receiving a helping hand as well.



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Operation Legacy Spring 2019: Hartsville, SC/GORUCK DONATION Info


Alright PAX,

We had 25 brave souls sign up for this event.  We have 1 female, 1 F3 Florence PAX, and 2 dudes I do not know attending this craziness.  They will probably quit life after 4 hours with me.  But, that does not include everyone that has donated to this cause.  There are a couple of Unsung Heroes out there.  To The Travis Manion Foundation you have donated $425.  That is awesome!  Now comes the actual event.

I emailed everyone who has registered more details about the event.  The only weight requirement in the bags is whatever donations they can fit inside it.  So if it is all canned spaghetti, that is roughly 20#.  This is your chance to Blue Falcon the Hell out of these 25 goons.  Judge Judy dropped off blue buckets with each AOQ to be filled up with donations.  That will help bring some pain but, we are also looking at getting a pallet of goods too.  If you want to donate to that and make nightmares come true, the information is posted below.  Yes, this is the fun part.

We are currently at $180 towards this pallet.  That's 300 cans.  So, even a $5 donation helps make this event super special for the registered.  And if not to bring pain to your fellow man, think about this.  There are probably children that live next to you that struggle with hunger and you wouldn't know it.  those little faces may smile at you in Church, at the grocery store, and when you are picking your 2.0's up from school.

I thank everyone that has supported this so far from the bottom of my heart.  Now, let's go the second mile.

Hit me or any of the ruckers up if, you want to drop items off.  Other than that,  the 19th and 0445 on the 20th is when we look to collect the donations.

Again, thank you very much.

Osegars@gmail.com is PayPal
Oliver Segars is venmo

"If not me, then who?"

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Bricks and Stones May Hurt My Bones

If memory serves, Guest Q Blue Hawaii from Greenville?? introduced us to Jack Webb about 4 years ago at the 3rd or 4th Convergence of F3 Hartsville.  This Brick City Q is all about the bricks.


Cold enough for the bricks to numb your fingers


Rather than head straight to the brick pile, YHC decided to do a few warmup stretches in case a straggler showed up late.  Sure enough, Barfly appears right after his favorite move, the Windmill.  He was visibly disappointed but joined in for a few frankensteins and cherry pickers.

The Main Thang

Mosey to brick pile and grab 2 bricks.

Jack webb (ratio of 1:4)

Round 1--1 Merkin/4 OH presses with bricks up to 10 & 40.  YHC found a way to “temporarily” silence the Mumblechatter Mafiosos Eisenhower, Barfly, and Judge Judy.  Unfortunately their silence was broken by some disturbing noises from Paperboy.  He may have cursed a few times as well.

Round 2--1 Deep Squat/4 jump lunges.  The jump lunge is YHC least favorite exercise.  We stopped at 7 and came back down the ladder.  Mosey to benches for Round 3

Round 3—1 Dip/4 brick tricep kickbacks.  For you math nerds, if you climb the ladder to 10 & 40, the total reps 55 &220.  Triceps were hurting, form was faltering

Mosey to far end of parking lot.  Brick bear crawl to light, 5 manmaker burpees with bricks.  Continue to all 4 lights and return to brick pile.  This was crowdpleaser with jelly arms.

Round 4—1 BBS/4 Russian twists with bricks.

At this point, YHC tacked on some cool down exercises.  SSH & Arm circles with bricks.

Mosey back to Splash pad.


Hold 6”, Dollies, Leg raises, Flutter kicks, 6”

Count-o-rama, Name-o-rama


Happy 47th BDay Goldie, P200 this weekend, Oyster Roast March 30th


YHC remembers how Blue Hawaii opened up about his struggles and how F3 had helped him work through them and made him a better man.  Pax went around the circle and took turns asking for prayers







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