Weather-Why do we even ask? It’s not like we alter our workouts or anything. It happened to be a little muggy.

13 pax, not including Klinger and Italian Stallion, who fartsacked mightily.

September is a big month for YHC. He was born twice and married once. What better way to celebrate than with a good 'ol Brick City beatdown?

The Thang:


YHC has been married 21 years to the same woman. In a row. That woman has endured a lot of hardship and deserves to be celebrated, feted and lauded for her tremendous accomplishment. YHC deserves hellfire and brimstone for telling so many outlandish lies to such an innocent woman prior to marriage. YHC is an excellent salesman.

Indian File Slow Merkin x 21. All pax gathered shoulder to shoulder in the plank. On YHC's signal, all pax completed one merkin, then YHC got up and ran to the other end and re-assumed the plank. We repeated this process until we hit 21 reps. This was definitely a good warm-up exercise. It became immediately apparent that we have communication issues among the pax, as some would run to the end and get in the plank without telling anybody. That caused a lot of pain and division. Lack of communication in a marriage will achieve the same result.

Rockette Lunges x 21. Pax stood shoulder to shoulder, grabbing pax to either side for support. We then proceeded to take a Rockette-esque kick stride forward and finish in a lunge position. Many pax voiced their discomfort with getting so close to other pax. This is understandable, given the Brick City population. Benchwarmer was being quite amorous toward Paperboy, which made I.T. sick to his stomach. Spilling Merlot in these circumstances is totally acceptable I.T. No shame in that. Within F3, we have developed parallel cultures of IYNFYL and Teamwork at all Costs. Both cultures are valuable and have their place. In this particular exercise, and in marriage, we must learn to work together. Where I am weak, my M is strong. Where she is weak, she is on her own, because YHC has nothing of value to offer that sweet woman. Seriously, many times we have leaned on one another to get through some fiery trial. Rockette Lunges served as a reminder of how that is done.

Mosey to brickpile, with a little Bear Crawl thrown in, just for fun.

Pax gathered in a pile around YHC. We started Round 2.


As YHC just turned 46, he thought it appropriate to have some long rep exercises on hand to share with the pax, like birthday cake without the candles, icing and cake.

Overhead Press Block x 46

Flutter Kicks x 46 IC with block overhead

Curls x 46

LBC x 46 with block on chest

This felt like a long time, just like 46 years of life. It also passed fairly quickly, just like 46 years of life. We still had plenty of time left on the clock, just like real life, to do more work and to make a difference. SadClowns pick a year and stop there. Benjamin Franklin said he met a man that died at 25 and was buried at 50. F3 pax keep pushing the rock.

2nd Birthday

YHC surrendered his life to Jesus Christ on a Thursday night way back in 1989. That is YHC's faith statement. You might have a different one, which you can share when you are the Q. YHC can't wait to hear it.

Partner up for some FlapJacks.

Partner A dairy carries two blocks to 3 sets of lights in the parking lot, somewhat like suicides, except really long and painful. We have Klinger to thank for the dairy carry idea. He was noticeably absent. A true Blue Falcon. Partner B does exercises. Team is responsible for the following:

270 Merkins

270 Squats

270 Flutters, single count

Some pax finished early. Most likely because they couldn't count. It felt like forever, which was the point. Eternity lasts a really long time, beginning at new birth and never ending. In real life Jesus carries our burdens. Many prayers were offered up by the pax for that kind of delivery from evil. YHC invited Jesus several times to take his blocks, but He declined. Evidently Jesus has a wicked sense of humor.

Mosey back to the starting point.

Mary was incorporated into the workout. The pax gathered for the COT, where YHC explained the significance of each workout set. YHC encouraged each pax to be a better example to their wives, kids, community and world. Closed in prayer.

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