A Corerrible, Corerrific, time. Are you the Ultimate Corerrior?

The plan, another pick from the WaterBug box of chocolates. This time; a stationary core workout meant to wear down even the most abdonimally gifted.  The workout can be downloaded from the link below. Simply put, the PAX stayed in one spot and worked the you know what out of their cores.


There were several events before, during, and after the convergence that need to be discussed.

Let's visit the lexicon for some info

A certain Jelly Luber, named after a southern dish made from tubers, drove two hours to a different AO just to avoid the WaterBug. You know who you are, Tater.

There was a walk by visitor, known as a golum, who tried to participate in some of the fellowship, but wouldn't join the workout. Several PAX tried repeatedly to encourage him to join in.

"Father Time" also paid us a visit. A certain farmer, named after a famous TV show with a famous pig, kept calling out for mercy by saying "bring it in" or "that's it" or "times' up", just to name a few.

Lastly, it was mentioned that a large amount of "Hard Dick and Bubblegum" was required to complete "the hardest workout I've ever done without moving from one spot" (quote from the same Father Time Farmer). Thanks GA, we all get better together. Love ya brother.

We welcomed one FNG, Peeper (Noah Scott) to the group. Some quick thoughts were shared about what your core values are and what they should mean to you.

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