Eisenhower, FarmHaus, and Spectre

F3 Hartsville traveled to F3 Augusta to share in the pain. A very frosty morning greeted the 14 that decided to attend.

After a brief warmup of Penningtons and SSH's, the gang lined up along one curb of the parking lot. The PAX bear crawled to one side, completed the number of reps instructed of the called exercise, crab crawled back to the first side, completed the next exercise, then followed the same pattern using the Q's instructions. The called exercises were: Incline merkins, Squats, Plank Leg Lifts, Burpees, Diamond Merkins, Lunges, Shoulder Taps, Curb Hops, Decline Merkins, Single leg Squats.

The group then grabbed a block and headed over for the next session.  A partner DORA of Curls, Squats, and Overhead Presses using the blocks. One partner started the exercise, while the other did 5 side lifts, carried the block to the other end, did the opposite side block lifts, then back to the starting point. The partners switched and repeated until the DORA was completed. Oh those side lifts, not muscles you work very often. Much soreness ensued.

The Hill. The only hill at the AO. Not real sure it qualifies as an actual hill, but it's the best we could find. The group started at the top of the hill with 10 big boy sit-ups, bear crawled down the hill, completed 10 flutter kicks, backwards run up the hill, repeating by counting down reps of each exercise with the bear crawl and backwards run in between.

Some four corners action was up next for the PAX. The 4 exercises were: Carolina dry docks, Mountain climbers, American hammers, and plank jacks. The group sprinted the long side of the rectangle and lunged the short side while performing 10 reps of the exercises at the corners.

The group moseyed back to a baseball field near where we started and circled up.  The first group exercise here was the Banjo Bear Crawl. Each PAX member does 3 merkins and bear crawls around the outside of the circle. The Hands of Time was the next pain experiment. Seems as though counting ability is not a prerequisite for F3 participation. Upon completion of the hernia inducing clock movement, the group was led in a spirited round of Raise the Roof, ( a ladder of overhead presses and merkins).  The workout was rounded out with numerous reps of Freddie Mercury's, Dolly's and Rosalita's.

Green Acres shared a devotional about commitment. His life has been changed in many ways in the months he's been coming to F3, just like the rest of us.

Noticably absent was the normal mumblechatter of Tater Salad.

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