Tabata-Tough Revolution

Location – Revolution QIC – Radar

Condition — 90 degrees Sunshine Slight Breeze – Great Day

Bench Warmer was a visitor dressed in his pressed white shirt and bow tie -- sort of rubbing it in that there was no way he was doing two-a-days but he was wishing ups well and greeting early arrivals and our FNGs(2).

Temperatures were up so Scout supplied a cooler of GatorAid and the Q had a cooler of water. Those muggy afternoons add a little stress that is not always there on the dew covered grass of the early gloom. We wanted to make the Thang as intense as the temp so chose Tabata as the main Thang for the afternoon -- after a sort of fun warm up just to ensure the sweat glans were working.

The Thang
Abe Vigodas to start (old-guy windmills that give a good stretch)IC x 15
Reach Throughs IC X 15
Legs to Sky OYO X 15
Penningtons IC x15 forward/reverse

Next was a little core and little shoulder
Indian style Bear Crawl -- Pax lined up behind Divac with room to spread out. Last in line bear crawled to front of line, called "Front" and next Pax moved up to the front. All Pax in plank position until their turn to be on the move. Not much question the sweat was dripping after that fun little transition to Tabata.

Thursday Tabata -- six exercises in eight-twenty second sets with ten second rest between. QIC stressed the point of tabata is high intensity with maximum effort producing best results - as well as most pain.

Freddy Mercury was the first exercise == sort of core cardio on your six
Imperial Walkers -- freddy mercury standing up full-body cardio standing
Merkins were next and after first two sets the mumble chatter had just about stopped
Squats followed and there was a lot of good form around the circle
Mountain Climbers worked core and cardio and legs and kept the sweat pouring
Final Tabata was shoulder press with bricks

COT -- Counterama and then Nameorama
Announcements - Discussed the Friday workout at the warzone, the convergence workout for Saturday at the WarZone and the Convergenc MURPH planned for Memorial Day during which each Pax will remember a fallen warrior. Happy Hour was happening as we were exercising. FNGs were a highlight of the afternoon with A. J. Sanders becoming CineBun and Bobby McGee liking his RagTop moniker. The COT discussion focused on F3 definition of third F being Faith and Purpose. The QIC discussed this as having a belief in something bigger than yourself. He also noted how uplifting he finds it with the sharing that takes place among PAX members about their fights for faith. In transition from the believe in something bigger than yourself he borrowed from a discussion at another AO that focused on the need for community leaders and for the need for all of us in F3 to take the leadership idea seriously especially in things like local voting. We have a primary coming up and chances are good a couple of those elections will be decided by a small number of votes. In local elections your vote does count. Divac's closing prayer nailed the fairly intense Tabata Time and lots of PAX hung around for some time re-hydrating after the beat-down.

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