Revolution after Hurricane Matthew

Using the power of my generator to type this and feeling lucky to have survived the storm with  my family uninjured and minimal damage to my house I thank God for watching over us.

Hurricane Matthew tried it's best to destroy our community.  Sunday many of our F3 brothers were helped out all over the community. I went  to my parents to enjoy electricity and had a warm meal at my parents house, decided to stay and watch my Gamecocks play football and try to feel a little normalcy. (Should have left after the warm meal) Feeling bad about not getting out and helping really wore on me.

Luckily I had the Q Tuesday afternoon. With so much recovery needing to be done and not enough time to put together a good plan we sent out a message that I wasn't sure where we hold Revolution but we would lift heavy things and make the best out of the daylight hours. About 4:30 without a plan we asked who needed some help and Stallion said his yard still needed a lot of work. Not knowing who could show up I sent out a message to meet at Stallion's house. Just finding open roads to get into the Prestwood area was a challenge.

I couldn't believe my eyes driving into the area seeing so many houses with trees on them. The path's people had to cut down the streets to just get cars a path to travel. The major cutting had was done Sunday so moved lots of large debris, brush piles, torn up trampoline, ect... Our last item was limb that was about 1ft or more in diameter stuck in the ground. We all took turns pushing and pulling and digging around but at the end of day the best move was made to work smarter not harder so a truck and chain was hooked to try and drag the limb out of the ground. After several tries we were able to loosen it up enough to pull up by hand. You could see the sense of accomplishment on everyones face when it finally come out. The thing was a solid 5ft in the ground. By the time we move this object Tool Bag and Sparkplug had raked the whole back yard. Stallion laughed and said this was the best the yard had looked since he moved in minus the massive pile of wood.

At the end of the day we were able to get the yard safe for his kids to return home and safely play in the backyard.

Since Saturday our Groupeme app has been full of request to go and help people in the community in need. Every request has been answered quickly with many of them are very serious situations.

Announcements: Saturday no convergence workout, instead we are having a Saturday Cleanup Day planned in the community

No Devo was needed Tuesday, just showing up showed your devotion

Ended in prayer!

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