Wall-E’s Missing Impromptu Q (do-over)

Weather: 41 Degrees, Partly Cloudy (great morning in the gloom)

SSH x20
Reach Throughs x20
Imperial Walkers x15
LoveMe’s x15

The Thang:
Four Corners –  (20 then decrease by 2 each lap) On the lengths, we ran and on the widths we bear crawled and lunged.
Hand-Release Merkins
Jump Squats
Monkey Humpers

YHC was extremely nice to Wall-E last Tuesday for missing his own Q.  I figured that I would get payback today and decided that it was only fitting for Wall-E to relive the workout that he missed on his day to Q, when he decided that his covers were too warm to crawl out of.  Of course, I actually made it slightly harder today with bear crawls and lunges even though last week, the PAX were complaining of how difficult the workout was and cursing Wall-E’s name at every available moment.  

When YHC arrived to the gloom, Eisenhower was still complaining about last Tuesday’s workout and begged, pleaded, and bargained to reduce the number of reps by 2 every lap instead of by one.  YHC, feeling guilty for not coming to our pre-run from Farsight this morning to train with him for The Fox, obliged to his request.  FNG Nugget, wondering what in the world he got himself into, spilled the merlot, and he now realizes that he shouldn’t drink so much the night before deciding to come to his first F3 workout.  Miyagi was wishing he hadn’t missed an entire month of workouts and was doing the meteor dance to come and end his misery.  Beldin was deep in thought trying to get in his Holiday Prayer Challenge for the day praying that it would not rain on him.  Dumper was heard by a few of having to Merlot as well.  Too bad we didn’t have a double merlot day, next time I’ll have to push the PAX a little harder.  #NextTuesday

Hartsville Hammers x35 IC
Big Boy Situps x20 OYO
Box Cutters (the PAX lost count so I punished them by making them do about 50)

-Christmas Gift Drive - Bring gifts on Thursday wrapped, will be delivered on Saturday by Beldin and Mutt
-The Fox (Sign Up)
-ALM (Wednesday Mornings)
-WZ Pax needs to work on posting BackBlasts when they are Q.  YHC's suggestion is to type the BackBlast up before the workout and then just change as necessary after the workout.  It's much easier this way and doesn't take much time afterwards.

FNG Nugget

Proverbs 27:17: Iron sharpens iron, So one man sharpens another.
This age old proverb is as accurate now as it was when written, and is a fundamental to the 3rd F of F3.  One constant theme in the ball of man is the importance of sharpening each other, as Iron sharpens Iron.  We often seek help to be better husbands, fathers, sons, uncles, bosses, and employees: all the things that men are called upon to be.  The Third F is a realization that just being those things is hard enough without trying to be them without help.  More than that, it is a surrender to this idea: an insistence upon going it alone is not noble; it is selfish and prideful”.

I need you.  We need each other.  I am nothing without you.  I hope you have recognized this same need in your brothers.  You sharpen me; you hold me accountable and lift me up when I want to quit.

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