Five pax showed up. The rest were skeered. YHC made the fatal mistake of disclosing to the public that he was going to do burpees. Sissies.

Monkey humpers x 50 IC
Merkins x 30 slow
Donkeys x 30 IC

Donkey’s were especially dangerous as Krispy Kreme elected to wear a kilt to this morning’s workout. YHC elected to turn the other cheek. LoveBug looked up at the wrong time and in the wrong direction. He will never be the same.

The Show

100 burpees

YHC showed mercy on the faithful. We broke it down into sets. The first 20 were OYO. Then we all took the plank. Each pax pounded out 10 burpees in succession. This was some good living.
11's Burpees and BBS from 5th St to 4th St.


Box cutters
Railroad bar

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