Imprompt Q

Weather: Perfect Morning out – 55 Degrees, Clear Skies, Beautiful Sunrise though something seemed to be missing…


Warm Up: Standing in the gloom, we waited for our fearless leader, our Q, Wall-E.  Surely he was just running a few minutes late.  The closer we inched towards 5:30, the clearer it became, our Q had gone Postal on us.  Only one thing to do at this point in time, on with the Warm Up!

Each member of the attending PAX contributed one item to the Warm Up, all IC: Side Straddle Hops (15), Reach Throughs (17), Penningtons (13 front 14 back), Merkins (15), Monkey Humpers (15).


The Thang: Still in disbelief that our Q failed to show up, we decided to do what we all know Wall-E would have done anyway...Wing It!  We went and checked if our Q was hiding in the brick pile and, after sadly not finding him, we grabbed some cinder blocks and got to work.  Each member of the attending PAX contributed a portion of The Thang:

LoveBug: 25 goblet squats IC in hopes that our pain would bring Wall-E running towards us with glee in his heart.  When he didn’t arrive, we carried our cinderblocks to the other side of the field and back hoping the lost soul who was supposed to lead us would see us running and come back to us.

Mams: We decided we needed to travel across the War Zone again a bit slower to see if our missing Q was hiding on the other side.  In hopes of finding him; we bear crawled to the first swing, lunged forward to the second, and lunged backwards to the last hoping he would appear behind us.  We did 5 burpees at each stop hoping to draw him out of hiding with his favorite past time.

Not finding our sad and lost Q on the other side of the War Zone, we crab walked back to the first swing, and side lunged to the next two.  Of course, we stopped at each one for 5 burpees a piece in order to stall for time hoping our Q would remember that we are only as strong as our weakest member and show up to help us grow.

Mutt: Indian Run across 4th Street, around the fountains in hopes of finding our missing Q somewhere in the water, and back to the War Zone.  We determined either he was too deep for us to see, or that he wasn’t there after all.  Flutter kicks on the six waiting for Eisenhower who was giving one last longing look into the water hoping our missing Q would emerge like the Creature From The Black Lagoon.

El Jefe: With everyone emotionally crushed by whatever stole Wall-E from us, El Jefe recommends we pick up our bricks and do some Big Boy Sit-Ups with the blocks in order to deal with our grief.  After AMRAP, we knocked out 25 chest presses IC in order to hopefully strengthen our resolve as we dealt with our newly developed abandonment issues.

Mams: It was decided now that we needed to step up and be the true heroes of F3 in the absence of our Q, the type of heroes who don’t fartsack a Q after pushing everyone else to sign up to Q last Tuesday, so Mams directed us in 15 Supermans IC before we recovered back to our feet.

Eisenhower: A pyramid cinder block workout starting with 5 reps IC of curls and overhead press.  We built up to 10 reps, 15 reps, then finally 20 reps, all IC.  We knew we had to get stronger in order to deal with whatever threat obviously must have taken Wall-E away from us.

LoveBug: Deciding our full body workout wasn’t quite complete (just like our hearts weren’t complete with the hole that Wall-E left in them by forgetting about us, F3, and everything good in his life), LoveBug brought us to the middle of the field to work on our cores and sides.  We side planked and raised and lowered our hips AMRAP (LoveBug might have had a number in mind but the mumblechatter from the PAX/Impromptu Co-Qs led surely to a change in that far too high count).  After working both sides, the PAX rose to the feet like phoenixes from the ashes, strengthened by both the workout and the knowledge Wall-E must have been in the better place to forget all about us despite our concerns (and his constant posting on GroupMe all night before the workout he mysteriously vanished for).

Eisenhower: While the PAX/co-Qs were deciding what came next in this mad world of Qs who sleep in instead of being the iron to sharpen iron, Eisenhower uttered the words he never thought would come out of his mouth…”Let’s take a lap”.  This horrified him (and he instantly regretted it about halfway through).  This momentary lapse of judgment was truly a sign that the PAX had been abandoned by all semblance of sanity due to their Q doing the unthinkable and fartsacking his own workout.


Mary: Mams decided to man up (since he actually showed up unlike certain other PAX who should have been leading us) and give us a blistering Mary that consisted of:

30 single count mountain climbers

20 Donkey Kicks

10 merkins

Rinse & Repeat


Announcements: Relay for Life is this Friday from 6PM to 2AM at Byerly Park.  The event will consist of an Eight Hour Cancer Walk and the theme is Be a Superhero “Not All Heros Wear A Cape”.  If you would like to contribute, see El Jefe to contribute to the HHS JROTC team.  Go to for more details and to contribute or join the HHS team.  And yes, the JROTC team (and some of your fellow PAX) will show up for Relay unlike certain Qs to their Thursday workout...

Prayer: Love Bug prayed for Wall-E’s well being and health, as by this point in time we were scared that he had fallen gravely ill or been taken away by some type of vile beast (perhaps the family of the turkey who mauled him a few weeks back).

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