Purgatory; Where wishes do come true! 01/25/16

Conditions; A toasty 27*, light glaze on the carpet


  • Penningtons
  • Windmills
  • SSH
  • Imp Walkers
  • Pretzels
  • Dying Cockroach

BLOCK Work – 50@

  • Bicep Curls
  • Tricep Curls
  • Shoulder Press
  • Chest Press
  • BBSU w/Block

“Led John Deere BLIMPS”

In teams of 3/4. PAX completed two rounds of BLIMPS with a 25yd tire flip after each round. YHC’s ipod provided audio stimulation during the course beginning with “STH”. BLIMPS are;

  • 5 Burpees
  • 10 Lunges (each Leg)
  • 15 Imperial Walkers
  • 20 Merkins
  • 25 Plank Jacks
  • 30 Squats

Because of the amount of mumble chatter, YHC decided to close out early and bring the Zeppelin in to the finish with a lighter cool down;

  • Roxanne
  • Hands of Time

Circle of Trust / Ball of Man

"I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith."
2 Timothy 4:7

The christian life is not easy. Some mistakenly assume that once they become children
of God, their struggles are over. Paul described his Christian life as a battle. He faced
persecution, misunderstanding, betrayal, and death threats. But he persevered!
His prize was a robust faith and a life filled with God's powerful presence.

Your faith is not proven by how you begin a race but by enduring to the finish.


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Holiday Purification 12/28/15


  • Stretches
  • Get a Block!

Penance! (Most completed with a Block)

  • 50 Shoulder/Overhead Presses
  • 50 Bicep Curls
  • 50 Chest Presses
  • 50 Goblin Squats
  • 40 BB Block Sit-ups
  • 15 SS Hammers
  • 10 Block Merkins
  • 10 Bear Crunches
  • Tabata Planks
  • Roxanne – (Merkins & Plank Jacks)
  • Old Time Mountain Dew (Superman/Banana)
  • Tractor Tire Flips (down & back)
  • Hands of Time

Circle of Trust/ Ball of Man

  • Sparky expressed thanks for the positive results of F3 in his first month of posting.
  • YHC reminded the PAX that now was prime time to hit "Sad Clowns" as they will be making resolutions for the New Year - no plastic ferns or fake ficus trees here!
  • Lots of mumble-chatter about EH'ing some of our missing brothers.

"Follow me and I will make you fishers of Men" Matt 4:19

Patty Cake brought the devotion today. He pointed out how well the same christian principle could be applied to F3; with all the talk of Sad Clowns and missing brothers. It is up to the PAX to spread the good news and grow ourselves. We all know someone who would benefit from a little Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith!


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Purgatory BDay Bash 12/14/15

There’s nothing like celebrating a birthday with friends, unless – Its celebrating with your F3 brothers while you Q! You couldn’t start a 50th off any better!


  • Stretch
  • Penningtons IC each
  • Windmills IC
  • SSH IC
  • Pretzels IC both sides
  • Partner Leg Lifts IC
  • a round of that “Good Ol’Mountain Dew
  • a visit from Roxanne

Pole Work – Teams of 2 – Baseball Diamond

Each Team retrieved a “small” section of power pole from the trailer and shoulder carried it to the third base line. YHC then issued instruction for the "thang" - a different exercise was to be completed at each base, starting at home plate. As we began, the sound of a pole hitting the ground prompted the instruction that future drops would result in the responsible team giving the Q 10 Burpees before the PAX could continue. Facial expressions were priceless! YHC and his partner did our 10 at 2nd Base :-(

  • Home Plate - Post Hole Diggers (til Q gassed)
  • 1st Base - 25 OH Presses
  • 2nd - Colt 45's (til Q was gassed or dropped his pole!)
  • 3rd - 25 BB Sit-ups

Coupon Redemption - Teams of 2 - 1 Block & 1 Brick per Pax

While the Pax #1 "Milk Can" carries two blocks across the outfield, PAX #2 completes a series of individual exercises. Before returning with the Blocks, P1 must do 5 Blockees. Teams flapjack and continue until all individual counts are completed. Jack Rabbits start a second round while waiting on the 6. Individual counts are 50 curls, 50 tricep curls, 50 iron squats (all w/2 bricks)

Cool Down

  • Sally Up
  • Hands of Time
  • Ring of Fire


"The harvest is abundant, but the workers are few" Matt 9:37

Jesus's words here are meant as a challenge for Christians to spread the Good News. However, they have a message for us in F3 as well. Do you have a friend, acquaintance, or a co-worker who needs to be in a little better shape? Someone whose health concerns? Someone who needs a little fellowship? Maybe something and/or somebody to believe in? Who do YOU know that needs a little F3 in their life? EH that sad clown and bring them to post!

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