A Honey Hole for Pooh Bear

Equipment: 30# ruck


Shuttle run using the trees as turn around points. At each tree 25 Merkins. Stay together as a single unit while running. 250 Merkins done. Recovery time got shortened as the shuttle got shorter.

We discussed water resupply, HLZs, MEDIVAC routes, TLPs, and threats during this time.

The Thang:

Briefed PAX on how to cross Danger Zones. Stressed Troop Accountability, security, rear security, and moving tactically through an Urban environment.

Execution of the training included frequent change in leadership and punishment.
We did 200 Merkins and 200 Air Squats as a result.

The PAX ended up sprinting and squatting down multiple times as we moved. Everyone got more of a workout that they realize. They forgot about the rucks they were wearing. This was a good team building exercise as well leadership development.


Ran out of time.


We talked about the differences between a miracle and a disaster. We agreed it has a lot to do with the willingness of the individual to act at a moment's notice. The rest is up to God.

I really enjoyed the training as much as the PAX did. I am sure we scared the City Workers an the runner who hit a PR today by turning down the wrong ally.

Great job this morning.


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