Pearl Harbor – 4 Corners for Ships

Conditions:  34F and clear, it was dark too

Commentary:  It’s been a while since YHC had posted for a Curahee beatdown and it had been a while since a Curahaee Ruck-workout had been held.  Seeing that Dec 7th landed on a Curahee day, YHC felt that this may be a good time to get back into the suck of things and also honor the fallen of Pearl Harbor.  ==>  9 Faithful Pax took the DRP and posted - TWO Shovel Flags were planted in the gloom!

Disclaimer:  Not a pro / workout at own risk / modify if necessary / get better

Warm Up

  1. SSH X 15 IC
  2. Monkey Humpers IC X 24 (2,403 men lost in the attack)
  3. HR Merkins IC X 17 (169 aircraft destroyed)
  4. Squats IC X 24
  5. Ruck Curls IC X 17
  6. Ruck Overhead Presses – single count X 24
  7. 6 Burpees (6 Ships sunk)

The Thang: - we set up a four corners format spanning half the field.

4 min sets of 6 AMRAPs dedicated to the ships lost:  (We mostly ended up trying to chase Groundblind around the field...)

  • USS Arizona BB-39 – total loss

Run length of the field and Bear Crawl across the field / 39 Merkins at each corner

  • USS Oklahoma BB-37 – total loss

Run to long cones and Crab walk to short cones / 37 squats

  • USS California BB-44

Run length of the field and Lunge walk across the field / 44 Dips at a bench at each corner

  • USS West Virginia BB-48

Run length of field and Crawl Bears across the field / 48 LBCs at each corner

  • USS Utah BB-31 / AG-16 – total loss

Mosey to corner / 31 Overhead press at each corner

  • USS Oglala CM-4

Mosey to each corner / 40 Ruck Curls at each corner

Almost outa time - but we gotta have some Mary:


  1. Flutter Kicks X 25 IC
  2. Sit Ups X 37 single count
  3. Pickle Pounders X 20 IC
  4. Leg Lifts X 16 single count


Pearl Harbor Facts

  • 180 Japanese aircraft – two waves
  • Attack lasted two hours
  • Tora-Tora-Tora means Tiger-Tiger-Tiger in Japanese
  • USS Arizona – 1,100 killed
  • 2,403 service members lost and 1,178 wounded
  • 6 US ships - sunk
    • USS Arizona – total loss – remains sunken
    • USS Oklahoma – total loss
    • USS California
    • USS West Virginia
    • USS Utah – total loss
    • USS Oglala
  • 169 aircraft destroyed
  • Next day – Japanese attacked Guam and Wake Island and Philippines
  • Yamamoto was killed in 1943 – shot down over Solomon Islands


  1. Christmas Gifts for families – most are now taken but Pax are encouraged to team up with whomever has stepped up to help out. Mix-allot and Wall-E are also collecting money for gift cards for food.
  2. Work Day at North Hartsville Planned for Sat Dec 8th – 10 AM
  3. Two Pax heading to Marion tomorrow to Q a workout – anyone is invited to go.

Prayer led by Goldilocks – special intentions for Little Jack’s parents, Last Rites and his father (heart attack), prayers for Dylan Adams as he receives further chemo and prepares for surgery

Green Acres has been reaching out to some Pax who no longer post and is learning that some are suffering or struggling.  He encouraged us all to reach out, listen and support those pax in need.

Pledge of Allegiance


Ruck work outs are tough for YHC, the extra weight provides a new dimension of stress and strain.  Often a number of reps which may sound easy become very difficult when carrying a ruck.  YHC overestimated what we could accomplish in the gloom this morning.

While a 45 min ruck beatdown brings the suck, it doesn’t compare to 2 hrs of dive bombing, torpedoes and gun strafing from Japanese attack plans on surprised men early on weekend morning.   All pax eagerly took on the challenges today as we thought about those lost at Pearl Harbor, Dec 7th, 1941.

Eisenhower stepped up to Q next week.  He seemed encouraged by the Pickle Pounders...

Great work by all.

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‘Round the Rucks We Go

YHC got caught up in all the  “Let’s get up extra early and ruck some” hoopla last night and took the bait. Five pax showed up at 0430, YHC rolled in at 0436 and evidently Krispy Kreme got there at 0442. He got left behind. Green Acres was pawing at the ground like a stud horse in a barn full of fillies. Klinger took off on his own, because 3 miles is just not enough. After a pleasant tour of Hartsville that included a visit to Sonoco and back up 5th Street, YHC turned the corner on Railroad Avenue to a crowd of pax standing idly in the gloom. Up until that moment, YHC was nursing something of a bad attitude toward the impending workout, knowing it would be difficult without a ruck and would absolutely suck with a ruck. Something switched in YHC’s head, however, when he heard Cowboy laughing excitedly. Knowing Cowboy’s penchant for being late, like 39 minutes for a 45 minute workout late, YHC knew this was going to be a special day. Pax kept on pouring in from every direction. YHC got all titillated.


The Thang


Slow merkins x 25


This is always a crowd pleaser. No way to fake on these puppies. The pax are getting wary to YHC’s changes in cadence, too. El Jefe asked in Spanish when we were going to be done with these sissy warm-up exercises and threatened to go home early if we didn’t start working soon.


Slow squat explosions x 25


Green Acres tried to steal my thunder and call these Squat Jumps. Nay, nay. We were exploding. Brothel claimed he could dunk a basketball, but YHC called foul on that comment after seeing no light between his size 23 shoes and the ever-so-short WarZone grass. YHC occassionally bumped his head on satellites passing overhead. Next time YHC will time his jumps better.


Plank 2 minutes


Nothing says “Good Morning” like a nice hot cup of planks.


4 corners. Lunge and bear crawl short sides. Run long sides.

5 rounds


Reps of 50, 40, 30, 20, 10



YHC was impressed with Back 40 busting out Merkins with perfect form. None of that quiver business. At WarZone we forge men out of steel, not marshmallows. Toward the end, Mams starting doing one handed, hand release, clap Merkins just because he could. Nobody likes a show-off Mams.



Klinger toted a 60# sandbag the whole time. Nobody offered to take it off his hands. Not sure what that means. People just don’t have manners anymore. Chucky Cheese was dropping it low like Beyonce.


Mountain climbers

Eisenhower was born for the dance floor. His Mountain Climbers  looked like one of the outtakes on Flashdance. All that was missing were those leg warmers and some Tater tights. YHC avoided the kilt-wearing Krispy Kreme at this corner for obvious reasons. Belding cursed the weatherman for reporting good weather this morning. YHC, thinking of all the possibilities, called the TV station yesterday and bribed the weatherman to say the weather would be perfect for outdoor exercise.


OH press with cylinders

Thomas the Junkyard Dog Mutt Andrews kept making fun of people at the overhead press station. He juggled three cylinders and counted in cadence. Although YHC is glad to see his significant progress into manhood while attending WarZone, it is becoming evident that he will need a stern talking to about respecting elders. ATV whispered under his breath that Mutt was achin’ for a rakin’. On the last round, Brothel made a foolish decision to challenge YHC in a bear crawl race. YHC must admit that the man can move quickly for his size. Brothel failed to understand, however, that the race is won at the finish line, not at the start. YHC graciously sent a stretcher back for Brothel, along with a get well soon card.




Flutters x 25 IC

Box cutters x 25 IC

Box cutter positions for 10 count (Crowd pleaser)




Eisenhower made a special presentation to Mutt, handing off the rock. He gave a rousing speech that made Mutt cry. Cowboy gave him a handkerchief while Chucky Cheese patted Mutt on the back and told him to hug it out. Klinger got all sour-faced and asked why he couldn’t have a rock too and something about wanting a patch to go with it.


Seriously though, the line of succession for the WarZone rock has been very impressive. El Jefe gave the rock to Eisenhower and he passed it on to Mutt. All three of these men have demonstrated the work ethic, attitude and spirit of the WarZone. Several pax finished all 5 rounds today, then asked what else they could do. YHC is proud to be a part of this pax.




I have been thinking about the importance of being together. It is possible to do hard things on your own, but it is far more likely that you will fail. One draft horse can pull 8000 pounds. Two draft horses working together can pull 24000 pounds. There is synergy when working together. F3 is about a lot more than working out. If all we do is get fit, then we will just become good looking corpses. We must push each other to become better men, better husbands and fathers and better leaders.



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Double Nickles

Conditions:  39F and Clear – ground was cold and wet….

Commentary:  Milestone Day – 55 years old.  YHC is clearly on the down-side of the life curve.  No point in dwelling on an imminent demise.  Big THANKS to the 2 (Just two???) faithful pax who took the DRP to celebrate the big 55.  All three of us carrying 30#+ rucks - The goal was to work through a drudge of a ruck beat down.

Warm Up – only one number matters today:

  1. Monkey Humpers IC X 55
  2. Merkins IC X 55
  3. Squats IC X 55
  4. Ruck Curls IC X 55
  5. Ruck Overhead Presses – single count X 55

The Thang:

5 Cones – 20 yards apart – pax

  1. Bear Crawls with 11 Merkins at each cone - total of 55
  2. Crab walk with 11 Leg Lifts at each cone - total of 55
  3. Lunge Walk with 11 Burpees at each cone - total of 55
  4. Crawl Bears with 11 hand release Merkins at each cone - total of 55


  1. Flutter Kicks X 55
  2. Sit Ups X 55
  3. Leg Lifts X 55

Not much of a count-o-rama or name-o-rama with three posting.  We missed Klinger, who claimed illness.  It's not the same without him pushing.  I have to say that the beat down was tougher for me than I expected and it especially hurt to see Judge Judy breeze through it - strong work!.  #hatehate  Nods to Goldilocks and Klinger who inspire these nasty Friday morning pain fests...

COT and BOM - short and sweet with YHC thanking his F3 bros for posting....

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