#PreBlast for Inaugural #CSAUP of F3 Hartsville…THE FOX…12/19/15

Mark your calendars now!  Saturday December 19th the PAX of F3 Hartsville will host The Fox!

You’ve heard of The Goat and The Mule…well The Fox eats Goats and Mules for breakfast!  That’s probably not true but the first ever F3 Hartsville #CSAUP will be HARD.  Through each stage of planning we have erred on the side of “choosing the hard thing”.  We don’t exactly know what we’re doing so it will definitely be Completely Stupid and Utterly Pointless.

What is The Fox?

This is a team event.  Put your three or four man team together considering speed, strength and endurance will be equally relied upon in this challenge.  We will classify teams in four groups; Gazelles (6-8 min/mile 10K pace), Thoroughbreds (8-10 min/mile 10K pace), Clydesdales (10+ min/mile 10K pace) & Mules (If you plan to RUCK the event. Minimum weight requirement is 30 lbs).  The course is approximately 10-11 miles around town hitting at least 4 AO’s full of pain with some extra pain stations built in along the way.  We will start and end at War Zone (Burry Park) and the course will be both on and off pavement.

Following the event there will be some solid Second F at Midnight Rooster complete with full breakfast menu and bloody marry bar.  Winners for each class will be announced during this time so be sure to stick around.  I hear there may even be prizes!

Why give 3-4 hours of your Saturday to such a pointless and stupid event?  Because it’s actually the opposite of that.  You will push yourself and to new heights and relish in the victory with your brothers of completing an event as tough as this!  And…because it’s not about you.  It’s about the guy who will be on your team that needs you there so that he can reach the next level.  Don’t let him down!

Who Are The Event Q’s?

Bow Tie, Ground Blind & Divac

Is It Ruck Friendly?

Heck yea!  We can’t promise there won’t be other heavy things to lift but this will be great training for anyone preparing for a GoRuck challenge.

What Kind Of Equipment Do I need?

Normal workout gear should suffice.  I would recommend some high socks to protect your shins.  Remember, it’s both on and off pavement.

How Long Will This Take?

We’re not sure.  I would budget for AT LEAST 1.5 hours for the Gazelles (and that will be smoking it!)  Wheels up at 0700 and we hope all will be enjoying some Second F by 1100.

What Does It Cost?

Nothing to participate.  Bring some cash for Second F and we may get some shirts printed but that will be optional and we will let you know.

Who Is Invited?

All men 18+.  All of F3 Nation is invited and this could be a good change to get some FNG’s, if they like a challenge.  We’re hoping our brothers from other regions will join us.  I’m talking to YOU Florence, Columbia, Grand Strand and Sumter.

Do We Need Volunteers?

Yes. We will need volunteers for pain stations, hydration stations, photography, chase car and probably more that we haven’t thought of.  If you or your M or 2.0 would be willing to volunteer, please contact one of the Q’s, indicate in the comment section at the end of the post, or sign up here  Breakfast will be on us for the volunteers!

What Is The Route?

Now that would spoil all the fun…

Where Do I Sign Up?

Please sign up here or comment below in the comments section.  Sign up as an individual or a team.  If you know your team make sure that each member includes the SAME team name.  If you sign up without a team we will group individuals together the best we can.

You already voted!