Reign in the Speed Goats of The Clinic

Weather 48 with grass wet

A few weeks back there was some discussion about Q’s falling off at The Clinic since the start of the new GridIron AO which claimed GroundBlind & Stallion. There was also mention of former Q specialist BarFly being stuck in a tree somewhere near Winnsboro with no way to get down. So YHC decided to try out a workout that had only been used once in the 2+ years I had been in F3.

YHC got to The Clinic a little early just to set up all the equipment needed for the BeatDown and also take a lap around the newly smaller area for distance(0.31mi). Equipment was a busted ass 5 gal bucket at the starting point.


20 IC Imperial Walkers

10 IC Clinic Arm Circles

10 Reverse Clinic Arm Circles

20 IC Frankensteins

The Thang

1 way to keep this crowd together is to make them do timed workouts. If not, they'll scatter all over the place. (too much ADD & ADHD in the group)

Mosey to corner with bucket

20 FlutterKicks IC

Next Corner

20 Flutter Kicks


Next Corner

20 Flutter Kicks


20 Leg Levers on up count

Next Corner

20 Flutters IC


20 Leg Levers

20 Reverse LBC OYO

The fun begins back at the starting corner----

5 minutes AMRAP Burpees

Fair warning-- Don't challenge Postal to a Burpee-off. He knocked out 102 of them followed closely by Lil  Sweet with 100. Somehow ChainSaw smoked an amazing 4 out in 5 minutes.

Next Lap-- run to 2nd corner ( halfway around)

20 Flutters IC

Run to Start

20 Flutters IC


Run to Halfway Corner

15 Flutters IC


15 Leg Levers

Run to Start Corner

15 Flutters IC


15 Leg Levers

15 Reverse LBC's

Next---- 4 Minutes AMRAP Burpees

3rd Lap--- Run 3/4 of a Lap

15 Flutters IC


Recover by racing back to the flag(which is the only way this crowd knows how to run)

Count Off


Unorganized Devo---

YHC had a rough past 7 days by having 2 family members pass away. 1 being my 66yr old cousin which had a great affect on  me in life. Also my Grandmother on my Dad's side which lived a very full life and made it to within 2 months of being 102yrs old. The age is an accomplishment in itself, but just imagine the changes in the World she saw since being born in 1916.


12 PAX knock out 1053 Burpees in 9 minutes, log in 1.25 miles along with a bunch of core!

JudgeJudy would like everyone to know that he beat Postal in the Burpee count although he had 4 more minutes to do it in since Postal put his 102# up and immediately hauled ass.

Arnold(fresh off a beach trip) said he wore out a credit card at the strip club by trying to swipe it through a hot dancer's slot, but it never accepted the card.

Paula Dean didn't say much this morning(not that I heard), it may have been the fact that his glasses were too fogged up and he was concentrating on where he was going or he was too tired from erecting a 27 foot Christmas tree at his house. WoodChip got a contract on the tree for chipping come Dec 26.

ChainSaw---ran like Hell on the laps, did  4 Burpees and left. Not sure if he considered it a good workout or not.

BenchWarmer finally figured out that your chest is supposed to hit the ground to count as a Burpee. (Had to explain that to the M when I got home this morning as well...just saying) He also cut a corner or 2 so he could claim a few kills.

BowTie must have woken up angry because he would let everyone get ahead of him running then kill them all.


Its all true, promise,






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Trip to the Zoo

It was a crisp 45 degrees outside as the pax started rolling in. Where normal clinic numbers are well above 10, today was a few less due to the fear that the workout would be more then they could handle.

We started with a warm up of;

25 IC Side Straddle Hops. About 15 in Bench Warmer decides to join us, he had gone for a slow jog and was disheartened when the four FIA girls lapped him for the 5th time. Still struggling to get those kills....

25 IC Monkey Humpers

25 IC Copper Head Squats

The Thang:

The Pax was eager to find out how many animals I could fit into a workout. So we went to the edge of the soccer field where YHC kindly placed enough blocks for all of the AO's combined.

Grab a Block 50 Curls, then with the block Gorilla walk with block across both fields to where the bench with bricks was located. (A Gorilla walk is feet spread, hands together, moving both hands, then both feet.)

At the bricks, swap blocks for bricks. 50 overhead claps, orangutan walk with bricks back to the other side. (Similar to the Gorilla walk, however your feet are together and your hands are spread.)

Drop bricks. 50 Merkins, Bear crawl to other side of field

Grab blocks. 50 overhead press and Gorilla walk with block across field.

Drop block pick up bricks. 50 triceps extensions and you guessed it orangutan walk with bricks back across field.

Drop Bricks. 50 Big Boys and crab walk to other side of field.


The pax needed a few more moments of animal power.

Banjo Duck Walk with squats

Banjo Bear Crawl with Merkins



Today the Pax was challenged. Noah did something that seemed completely crazy to those living in the same time period. He built a giant boat and started bringing animals onto it two by two. Today I handed each remaining pack a F3 business card and ask them to go find their pair. not only to find someone to give the card to. But to also write their number on the card and post with their new brother wherever he decides to post.



Little did the Pax know that it was Groundblind's idea to exercise on the long double soccer field instead of the single football field. It was better that way!

After missing part of the warm up Bench Warmer was excited to work out. He managed to talk up the work out the night before and then when it came time to exercise he got in his car and drove away shouting "So long SUCKERS." He has since been nominated and declared DHOTW.

Most of the Pax remained mighty quiet. However there were a few moments of excitement.

During the first orangutan walk Lil sweet bolts by YHC practically standing saying "its easy when your short and don't have to bend your legs"

Bowtie and Woodchip modified a few times saying when I get that old I will modify too..... but Paperboy and Paula Dean didn't modify, I guess that is why they get RESPECT.

Stepshow was very encouraging, as always making sure he separated himself from the dickhead Bench Warmer.

At the end everyone expressed how much they loved the workout and that they want me to bring it to a Convergence soon.

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WARZONE Pays a Visit to the Clinic

Weather— don’t remember

Warm-Ups (Yes we did a few BowTie)

10 Burpees for forgetting flag

15 IC Arm Circles

15 IC Reverse Arm Circles

15 IC Love Me’s

The Thang

YHC has stolen this workout from Schaffer and tweaked it slightly. You start with 2 cones 20 yards apart(doesn't seem like a long way) and perform a series of animal crawls between the cones.

We went 5 trips per round.(100 yards)

  1. Bear Crawls
  2. Duck Walk
  3. Full Lunges
  4. Gorilla Run
  5. Chimpanzee Run
  6. Low Man Crawl
  7. Crab Walk

Each round was started with 10 Burpees, and also Burpees were always done waiting on the 6.

Mary (Yes we did that too although BenchWarmer complained about it)

35 IC FlutterKicks


30 Leg Raises 90 Degree

Count-o-rama, Name-o-rama, Devo, Prayer

YHC figured out a couple of things after his first Q at The Clinic....

This crowd has some serious ADD. As soon as you call to circle up they start talking and wandering around. Even BenchWarmer was asking what we were doing when it was explained perfectly.

If you keep them busy they have no time to get sidetracked or cuss at you. (I didn't hear much mumbling, but there was a lot of heavy breathing)

Thanks Guys I enjoyed it, & I'll be back.





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Body by Winkles

Despite a Churchhill boycott, Red Rowzee being MIA, Stallion’s 3X streak of missing Q’s by YHC, Radar’s Fartsacking, missing woodsmen Hooker & Chainsaw, we still managed to have 14 PAX for some Body Building.  Guest appearance by Winkles aka Chippendale.


Cool and breezy for June.


  • Squats, in/outs, plank jacks, merkins, jump squats x 20 IC
  • 8 count body builders x 10

MAIN Thang

  • 150 meter run
  • 25 squats
  • 25 in and outs
  • 25 plank jacks


  • 400 meter run
  • 25 merkins
  • 25 in and outs
  • 25 jump squats


  • 800 meter run
  • 25 8 count body builders

AMRAP for 30 minutes

Mary—banana/superman, v-ups, dollies, rosalitas, flutter kicks, boxcutters

Announcements—HH 530 Macs


Shared a few quotes

"You have to push past your perceived limits, push past that point you thought was as far as you can go.” Drew brees

“Most people give up right before the big break comes—don’t let that person be you.” Michael boyle

“Success is usually the culmination of controlling failure.” Sylvestor stallone

“There comes a certain point in life when you have to stop blaming other people for how you feel or the misfortunes in your life. You can’t go through life obsessing about what might have been.” Hugh jackman

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Stallion’s 1 year

This was a big day for YHC as it marked his 1 year anniversary of F3. I decided to take the same beatdown that Benchwarmer did on my first day, but make it harder by adding an extra lap and starting the reps at 50.


SSH IC x 20

Windmills IC x 15

Reach Through IC x 14 (oops. #ClusterQChamp)

Mosey to track

The Thang:

YHC arrived early and put 6...7? Definitely 6 cones out on the 400M track. Attached to each cone was an exercise and rep count. We did 5 laps total and decreased the rep count by 10 on each lap for 4 of the stations.

  1. Burpees x 10 (these reps did not decrease. We did 10 each time we hit it)
  2. Merkins x 50 - 40 - 30 - 20 - 10
  3. Monkey Humpers x 50 - 40 - 30 - 20 - 10
  4. Burpees x 10 (again, 10 each time you hit this cone)
  5. Hartsville Hammers x 50 - 40 - 30 - 20 - 10
  6. Jump Squats x 50 - 40 - 30 - 20 - 10

Once time was called, we moseyed back to the Clinic.


No time for Mary because I knew my DEVO may be a little long winded.

Notes From Last Year:

  1. I thought (and hoped) that the Mosey to the track was the whole workout
  2. We only did 4 laps starting the reps at 40. It took me almost the whole time to complete 1 lap.
  3. Barfly and Bowtie (both of whom I'd never met before) finished the beatdown and came to me on the track. The helped me out by doing 1/2 my reps with me and pushed me to finish the next lap. This is what stood out the most to me about my first day and made me want to come back out the next time.
  4. I kept wondering why Woodchip flexed and winked at me every time I looked his way. This almost made me not come back


Matthew 19: 28-30 MSG

28-30 Jesus replied, “Yes, you have followed me. In the re-creation of the world, when the Son of Man will rule gloriously, you who have followed me will also rule, starting with the twelve tribes of Israel. And not only you, but anyone who sacrifices home, family, fields—whatever—because of me will get it all back a hundred times over, not to mention the considerable bonus of eternal life. This is the Great Reversal: many of the first ending up last, and the last first.”

My DEVO got a little personal today and I'm not sure I'm ready to post it on the internet yet. If you would like to hear it, I have no problem sharing it with you in person.

Thanks again for all the brothers and friendships I have made over the past year. You guys have helped me in more ways than just physically and I know that God put F3 in my life when he did for a reason. Iron sharpens iron

Submitted by,

Italian Stallion

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Change of Pace for The Clinic

Conditions: Muggy.  Waiting for the rain to arrive. (It didn’t).

Today was about testing our mettle.  Knowing that The Clinic prides themselves in pushing their limits, YHC was thankful for the opportunity to bring a little change of pace, characteristically of the War Zone, and get better together.  19 pax worked Hard.  18 pax completed 175 burpees each, totaling 3,325 burpees.  YHC had intended on mentioning at the outset of the workout the purpose of so many burpees (other than they are my favorite exercise) but neglected to remind the pax until mid round.  A GoRuck cadre is completing a fundraiser and has set a goal of 1,000,000 burpees.  Today, YHC thought the Clinic as a whole, could contribute.  Here's how we broke it out:

25 burpees right out of the gate
20 4count surrenders [New exercise - consists of get down to knees and back up to squat position]

Main Thang:
The HUB consists of a "circle" with 5 different stations encompassing the hub.  Each of these stations was set approximately 50 yards (or so) from the Hub.  The method to complete started with the HUB exercise and then traversing to the next station, completing the exercise at that specific station and returning back to the HUB, completing the HUB exercise once again, and moving on to the next station.  The first round was a bit jumbled up due to poor explanation and difficult visibility, but the pax grasped the idea quickly and began to really push themselves.  The HUB exercise was completed at the end of the last station each round as well.  We completed 3 Rounds.

Round 1 - Method of Travel between HUB and stations: Run/Mosey
HUB: 15 burpees
Station 1: 15 Carolina dry docks
Station:2: 15 Merkins
Station 3: 15 Squats
Station 4: 15 Mountain Climbers
Station 5: 15 Merkins (I think)

The #mumblechatter was silent during each round, but the pax quickly made up for it between each round and kept us all motivated....or just eager to silence the mumblechatter and get on with the next set!

Round 2 - Method of Travel between HUB and stations: Backwards Mosey
HUB: 15 monkey humpers
Station 1: 15 Lunges (Count right leg each time)
Station 2: 15 Surrenders (4 count exercise)
Station 3: 15 Jump Squats
Station 4: 15 Lunges (Count right leg each time)
Station 5: 15 Surrenders (4 count exercise)

Round 3 - Method of Travel between HUB and stations: BEAR CRAWLS!!
HUB: 10 burpees
Station 1: 15 V-ups
Station 2: 15 V-ups
Station 3: 15 V-ups
Station 4: 15 V-ups
Station 5: 15 V-ups

The last round was just painful, but each pax put their head down, dug deep and completed some crazy amount of bear crawling to and from each station and hub.  Great work put out by each pax this morning and I was thankful to be a part of it today!

-Florence 3-Year Annv this Saturday.  Clown Car from WZ at 0600
-F3 Summerville is hosting TheHurricane.  Free event and great GoRuck prep.  Hartsville may have several pax going.  June 24.
-FIA is asking for volunteers for their #CSAUP upcoming. June 3.  Support them!

Prayer: Several pax were discussed, for interviews, health reports, health conditions.  Keep each other in prayer men.

Isaiah 40:28-31 "..even youths shall faint and be weary, and young men shall fall exhausted, but they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint."

Thankful for the opportunity men,

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Mud Run Would Have Been Easier

Commentary:  Divac and YHC have participated in most of the F3 CSAUPs possible in the past 2 and a half years.  We have run the Fox, completed GoRuck Challenges, run the P200, and attended F3 anniversaries.  We’ve also worked to participate in 3rd F activities and T-Claps to my bro, Divac, who organizes several of those activities.  So, needless to say, we both felt a little uncomfortable when we both decided to sit out the 2017 Mudrun.  YHC is suffering from life threatening wrist TB…  Frankly YHC can’t tell you what Divac’s excuse was – something about a knee or some other boo-boo.

We both felt the need to compensate and took the Q for mudrun weekend.  Knowing that Hartsville was posting over 30 Pax, we thought it highly likely that turn out would be low.  But we planned to bring the pain and remind ourselves and fellow pax of the pain from a CSAUP.  After intensive research, we came up with a plan that looked pretty easy…  on paper.

As we waited in the gloom to see who would post with us, 6 faithful pax took the DRP and posted to help us enjoy our mud run-less beatdown.

Warm Up – we decided to get everyone’s attention right at the start  - no simple warm up today:

  1. Merkins IC X 25
  2. Monkey Humpers IC X 25
  3. SSH IC X 25
  4. Merkins IC X 20
  5. Imperial Walker Squats IC X 20
  6. Carolina DDs IC X 20

The Thang:

Burpee Builders

  • Run 1st Cone – 1 squat – Ass to Grass
  • Run to 2nd Cone – 1 squat and 1 Merkin
  • Run to 3rd cone – 1 Squat and 1 Merkin and 1 Bomb Jack
  • Run to 4th Cone – 1 squat and 1 Merkin and 1 Bomb Jack and 1 Brupee
  • Run to 1st Cone and Plant for 6

Rinse and repeat for a total of 10 minutes.  It worked out to be 8 reps

This was a #crowdpleaser.  Benchwarmer and Divac pushed each other through this part of the work-out going head to head on each rep.  It came down to the final push when Divac edged past B-W in the last 10 yards, stretching and straining to get to the finish.  #IFYAFYL    #mudrunmindset

Sandbag Thang – 5 60# sandbags were at the north end of War Zone.  The Pax paired up to enjoy tossing the bags the length of the field and back.

While working as Partners:

  • Partner A does Burpee and Partner B lifts sandbag with Clean and Jerk – then toss forward
  • Partner A runs to sand bag while Partner B does Burpee
  • R&R until each team gets to the end

Plank for the 6 at the South end and then rinse and repeat back to the North end.

At the beginning of this fun-fest, Body Bag suddenly decided that he had to take an urgent call.  Since he was YHC’s partner, I was left with tossing and burp-ing all by YHC’s lonesome.  As the other three teams raced ahead, YHC moved at half-pace while pleading with BB for help.  Section 8 came over to help and picked up the 60# sandbag and proceeded to throw it 10 yards out…  Thanks buddy.  Section 8 offered to keep tossing YHC's bag if YHC would do his burpees...  No thanks

As we headed back to the North, Body Bag concluded his urgent call and came to help YHC with the last 20 or so yards…

Crawly Thang – The Pax and Q’s were feeling pretty smoked but there was more fun to be had:

To each of the first 5 trees:

  1. Bear Crawls to each tree and do 10 Merkins – mosey back and plank for the six
  2. Crab walk to each tree and do 10 Leg Lifts – mosey back to and plank for the six
  3. Lunge Walk to each tree and do 10 Burpees - mosey back and plank for the six
  4. Crawl Bears to each tree and do 10 hand release Merkins - mosey back and plank for the six

Crawl Bears and Hand Release Merkins were a crowd please.  Benchwarmer was killing this round of exercises until we hit the hand-releasers.  Big slowdown.  Body bag can do Crawl Bears faster than bear crawls – he was moving.


  1. Captain Thor – up to 10 and then Back down to 1


  1. F3 Florence 3 year anniversary next week – plan to attend.  We will clown car from War Zone
  2. Everyone’s at the MudRun today – Duh!!! But prayers up for safe and successful race
  3. Prayers up for Radar
  4. Go EH someone!


If you learned about Eden in Sunday school, with poster board and flannel graphs, you missed something. Imagine the most beautiful scenes you have ever known on this earth—rain forests, the prairie in full bloom, storm clouds over the African savanna, the Alps under a winter snow. Then imagine it all on the day it was born.

It's Tolkien's Shire in its innocence, Iguazu Falls in the garden of The Mission, the opening scene of The Lion King.

And it doesn't stop there.

Into this world God opens his hand, and the animals spring forth. Myriads of birds, in every shape and size and song, take wing—hawks, herons, warblers. All the creatures of the sea lead into it—whales, dolphins, fish of a thousand colors and designs. Thundering across the plains race immense herds of horses, gazelles, buffalo, running like the wind. It is more astonishing than we could possibly imagine. No wonder "the morning stars sang together and all the angels shouted for joy" (Job 38:7). A great hurrah goes up from the heavens!

We have grown dull toward this world in which we live; we have forgotten that it is not normal or scientific in any sense of the word. It is fantastic. It is fairy tale through and through. Really now. Elephants? Caterpillars? Snow? At what point did you lose your wonder at it all?

Even so, once in a while something will come along and shock us right out of our dullness and resignation.

We come round a corner, and there before us is a cricket, a peacock, a stag with horns as big as he. Perhaps we come upon a waterfall, the clouds have made a rainbow in a circle round the sun, or a mouse scampers across the counter, pauses for a moment to twitch its whiskers, and disappears into the cupboard. And for a moment we realize that we were born into a world as astonishing as any fairy tale.

A world made for romance.

Great work by all Pax!!

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Swamp Thang

I decided to get the boys some work with the tires this morning with a combination of a burpee and tire flip. As I was loading up the tires in my truck, a cop rolled up on me and wanted to know what I was doing at 445 in the morning. I told him about F3 and my plans for the tire flip. He immediately pointed out a puny spare tire and told me to grab that one for the BA. I rolled into the parking lot and the fellas were already whining about the rain. Woodchip wanted to do some Red Rover in the parking lot to stay dry. Arnold went to the bathroom and never came out. I could tell everyone was antsy. Out of the corner of my eye, I caught a glimpse of a blue truck rolling in. The legend known in these parts as Ground Blind had arrived. Everyone crowded the truck and carried this Greek God on their shoulders to the circle.  I must admit I was nervous about my first Q, but I knew I could count on my cousin Barfly. However, he forgot about me and showed up 45 minutes after he said he would meet me. I planned a workout for the guys in the 6 to come alive like Paula Dean and Pathfinder but they were distracted by a mama bird and her eggs.  Chainsaw made an appearance and actually stayed until the end, this was very encouraging. However, I realized he just did this to lead a mutiny against me at the end. The Stepper had his rotten VT sweatshirt on just to make me feel welcome, while the BA strolled in sporting a Steve Spurrier edition F3 visor. I tried to teach the guys a proper chopping wood exercise, but Judge Judy showed up for the first time in over a month just to heckle me.  I wish more guys were like Italian Sausage who asked for my permission to miss this morning. I was also proud of Winkles who didn't pass gas for the first workout I've been to.  Welcome to Fools Gold and Postal, who probably won't come back after this morning's fiasco. Congrats to Fender for completing the Temple

PS I forgot about Bow tie and his craptastic hat.  Don't ever talk about my field cones.

Warmup: SSH in cadence x 20, chop wood x only 2 because I forgot how to do them

Main Thang: Partners trade off, 1st group switches with 2nd group after completing a lap, back and forth

1st group run around soccer field completing bear crawl, 10 burpees, 20 merkins, 20 big boys, Carioca, and 30 air squats

2nd group performs a burpee and tire flip down the middle of the field

Devo:  I decided to talk about staying faithful to God during hard times in our lives.  I recently lost both of my parents and through faith and reading Scripture I was blessed by God through my introduction to F3. Thank you to Barfly and all the men in the clinic. God has used this to help me heal from my grief.

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10 for 11’s

Another slim spring break crowd of 10 showed up for some 11’s on the tennis courts.  Pathfinder and Benchwarmer aka Thelma and Louise are leaving their mark all over Florida.  As for the Churchill gang, Barfly has turned into a Revolution junky, Lucky Charm's HC last night turned soft real quick after hooking up with EasyOut, and Pinocchio is following Tater Salad's 3 step fitness plan:  Sleep, drink, eat.  Stallion caught strep throat while breastfeeding Thor and a tree fell on his car after lightning destroyed his alarm clock.  Not sure what Stepshow's excuse is.  Hooker isn't welcome back after the farmer carry Q.  Radar is about to have as many grandkids as EPO has children.


Random reps of SSH, windmills, Imperial squat walkers

Main Thang

Mosey to the tennis court for 11’s

  1. Burpees/balls to the wall with sprints (when done 11 pullups, plank on the 6)
  2. Air Squats/jump squats with lunges in between (11 pullups air chair on the 6)
  3. Leg raises/LBC’s with frog jumps in between (when done 11 pullups)
  4. Due to lack of time and Bowtie bitching about how hard the tennis courts were, we skipped Rd 4 merkins/CDD and bear crawl

With playground curb:

  1. Feet on the curb step down and back up kinda like a mountain climber
  2. From plank position, Hands to curb, hands to ground

Mosey back to splashpad.

Burpees with curb hop on the 6.  Thanks Bowtie for the flag drop penalty.


Random numbers of Flutter kicks and v-ups


Count off, Name o rama

  • HH tonite at Mac's
  • Mudrun 5/20 sign up!!
  • Christmas in April 4/29


Shared a little about the legacy of Mr. Kirk Dunlap who passed away yesterday at age 95 which led me to find the link below.


  • Not sure what animal Winkles was simulating during frog jumps.
  • Woodchip and EPO seem to have bonded during the lunge walks.
  • As usual Chainsaw put in a great effort for 29 minutes
  • Thanks Woodchip for repeatedly reminding YHC that i basically tied for last in the Spartan Race.



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Stooopid Beatdown

Conditions:  58F, Clear – perfect

Commentary:  Earlier in the week, YHC checked the Q schedule for the Pre-Easter Saturday convergence and noticed that no-one was listed.  Recalling that last Saturday, the Great Hartsville F3 Region only posted 8 faithful Pax, YHC figured that the turn out would be lower and thus - low pressure.  Many would be out of town or otherwise occupied with the holiday weekend.  How hard could this be?

Much to YHC's suprise 18 faitful Pax took the DRP and posted for a beatdown mix of running and pain stations.  While no FNG's posted we welcomed back BagBoy and W-4.   YHC had intentionally planned more than enough for the Pax and since mummblchatter discract's YHC's cadence calling - much running and OYO work was in the plan.  For #accountability we would work through the session in partner-pairs  #battllebuddies

Disclaimer and Warm Up

  1. SSH X 20 – IC
  2. IWs X 25 – IC
  3. Windmills X 20 – IC
  4. 5 Burpees OYO
  5. One lap around war zone – stop at each corner: 15 merkins, 15 air squats, 20 merkins, 20 air squats

The Thang:  Each Pax gets a partner and a cinder block or cylinder.  The partner team would run between the two pain stations that were set up:  Pain Station #1 was at the War Zone with Cinder Blocks and Pain Station #2 was at the planters on Carolina Ave by the Y.  We started with each partner running from the cinder blocks to the planters in opposite directions around the block.  Partners were to meet at the planters to complete exercise 1 and the prescribed reps - but they could not start until both partners had arrived at the station.  Once exercise 1 was completed, partners would continue around the block in opposite directions to the cinder blocks to complete exercise 1 and prescribed reps.  Same rule applied:  Don't start until both partners are present.  Then - rinse and repeat until each pair got to the end of the exercise list or when we ran out of time.

Cinder Block Station

  Exercise Reps
1 Curls 40
2 Overhead Press 35
3 Chest Press 40
4 Goblet Squats 40
5 Kettle Bells 30
6 Burpees 20
7 Flutter Kicks – 4 count 40
8 Leg Lifts 25
9 Freddie Mercuries -4count 40
10 Big Boy Sit Ups 40

Planter Station

  Exercise Reps
1 Decline Merkins 35
2 Tricep Dips 35
3 Step Ups 35
4 Plyo-Incline Merkins 35
5 Carolina Dry Docks 35
6 LBCs 40
7 Box Cutters 40
8 Mountain Climbers – 2 count 40
9 Plank Jacks – 4 count 35
10 Lunges – each leg 35

YHC ended up with GroundBlind as his partner.  The man-beast nearly killed me with his no-stop, 110% all the time, take no prisoners performance.  A few times, I heard him mutter "come on old man, we haven't got all day."  Nevertheless, despite YHC acting as Groundblind's flesh anchor, we quickly  pulled out in front of the pax and led the way followed closely by several other teams.  Throughout the session, YHC enjoyed meeting other pax running between stations and hearing words of encouragement like:  "Dumbest Q ever,"  and "Where did you get this idea?"  Judge Judy nearly took YHC out 3 or 4 times when passing with his rugby moves.

We made it to exercise #8 before YHC called time and signaled to the Pax to return to the COT.

6MOM - Pax did Flutter kicks on the 6 and then, we finished the hour:

BBSU X 20 - IC

Flutter Kicks x 25 IC

Merkins X 25 IC


  1. MudRun is in May – sign up – join a team. This is the SuperBowl of F3.  We have 26 signed up so far...
  2. Benchwarmer commented that we need to try to minimize the wear and tear at the WarZone. We need to start forming up at the far end of the field to reduce damage to the grass.
  3. 3rd F – April 29th Christmas in April - still need volunteers - Contact Italian Stallion
  4. Fudger needs our prayers - he heads to imminent death at the Greenville GoRuck Tough next weekend.

Devotion:  Easter Is for Second Chances

By Greg Laurie - Apr 8, 2011

But he said to them, "Do not be alarmed. You seek Jesus of Nazareth, who was crucified. He is risen! He is not here. See the place where they laid Him. But go, tell His disciples—and Peter—that He is going before you into Galilee; there you will see Him, as He said to you."  Mark 16:6-7

Do you need a second chance today? On the first Easter morning, Peter needed one. There in the Upper Room, he had insisted that he would never deny Christ. But just as Jesus had predicted, Peter not only denied the Lord, but he denied Him three times. The last glimpse Peter had of Jesus before His crucifixion was in the glow of the fire in the high priest's courtyard, where he actually made eye contact with Jesus. And then he went out and wept bitterly.

What kind of look do you think Jesus gave Peter when their eyes met? Do you think it was one of those I-told-you-so looks? Do you think it was one of scorn, as if to say, "How could you betray Me?" I don't think it was either one. I think it was a look of love, a look of compassion that said, "I still love you, Peter." And I believe that is why Peter went out and wept bitterly. He had failed the Lord so miserably. He probably thought there was no hope for him.

But then a message went out from the empty tomb that Jesus had risen, followed by these instructions, "Go, tell His disciples—and Peter. . . ." It was not, "Go tell the disciples, including Peter, James, and John. . . ." It was just Peter, because Peter needed a special word of encouragement.

Do you need encouragement today? Maybe you have fallen short. You didn't plan on it, but it happened. And like Peter, maybe you ended up with the wrong people in the wrong place at the wrong time, ultimately doing the wrong thing.

God gave Peter a second chance. And He will give you one, too—because Easter is for the person who needs a second chance.


Great work by all Pax as each man pushed for his partner.  The total block length is about 1/2 mile.  So each pax ran between 3 and 4 miles in about 40 to 45 minutes.  Several pax probably sprinted or ran hard for each quarter mile half-block run.


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