Warrior Wednesday, Flo Ops 007: War Machine

Dedicated to F3/FiA GORUCK Light Class 730

Lots of pre-workout chatter congratulating Band Aid for bringing FNG Chris Cawthon and saving the pax from a 150 "No FNG" Burpee penalty. It’s just as well since we probably didn’t have enough time to do all of that and the 730 reps in honor of class 730. Rucks and weight on!! Let’s get to work.

The Thang:

0531 (Thanks for pointing out the time Milton) Everyone on the line in plank to receive instructions. The AO was dark so I made them turn on the parking lot lights for us. Nowhere to hide your suffering now…


4 stations. Do the reps with your rucks/weight on and run to the next station

Station 1: SSH x 100

Station 2: Merkins x 100 (Lots of mumble chatter here…seems Foxy has competition today)

Station 3: Squats x 100

Station 4: Flutter Kicks x 100

0545 400 reps in 14 minutes #WarriorWednesday …That went faster than expected. Q was feeling it and pax were killing it. Everyone in plank to wait on the six…right hand up, left hand up, stay in plank to receive instruction.

Up and Down the Mountain

Lunges in sequence of 5-10-15-20-15-10-5

After each lunge set, bunny hop 35 steps up, run down and continue lunges and bunny hop again…repeat until done. That’s 80 lunges and 245 steps bunny hopped.

Plank for the 6.

Short Mosey to the hill

Low Crawl up the hill then Jump Lunges x 20, run down the hill and Jump Lunges x 20

Mosey back to the shovel flag

Merkin circle to count off.


730 reps for F3/FiA GORUCK Custom Light 730. BIG TCLAPS to all of you for being the most prepared light ever, for conquering demons, for ranger panties, and for representing F3/FiA to GORUCK and the nation. Today pax showed grit and heart pushing each other through the volume of reps. Strong work everyone!   CSAUP is waiting and after today…I know Florence is more than ready.  Raise the bar and the pax will overcome it.  If you haven't had a chance to Q, I highly recommend it.  Nothing more uplifting and motivating to see pax push themselves through a workout you designed.  Q'ing is addictive...get in on it!



  • Welcome FNG Chris Cawthon aka Knobby. You saved the pax from 150 burpees…they will pay at a later Uhaul Q. #promise
  • 2nd F Thursday night at Tacos and Tequila 6:00pm then Avengers movie at 7:20
  • 3rd F Friday morning at Dunkin Donuts 5:30am
  • Shirt orders due Sunday. Go to F3 Website for gear. REPRESENT FLORENCE F3!!!
  • Saturday double down opportunity. 5 am Ruck starting at Ebeneezer Park. We’ll go right into Saturday bootcamp. Coupons will be provided.
  • Our annivesary is coming up!!  Hartsville and all others welcome to join us in celebrating the birth of F3 Florence!




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“When given a choice…do the HARDER thing”

Warrior Wednesday with all pax wearing rucks or weighted vests.

Conditions: 65 and awesome.

The Thang:

Mosey to Hamburger Hill. 45 Minutes isn't a long time...move with a purpose

3 Man Team Effort to complete reps. Rotation when the sprinter gets back so everyone gets the suck. Rest position is with the weight OVER your head…not resting on it.

A: Sprints hill                                      B: Sprints Hill                                      C: Sprints Hill

B: Performs Exercise                      C: Performs Exercise                      A: Performs Exercise

C: Holds weight overhead            A: Holds weight overhead            B: Holds weight overhead

Exercises performed:

  1. 100 Arm Circles
  2. 100 Merkins
  3. 100 Flutter Kicks IC
  4. 100 SSH
  5. 100 LBC IC
  6. 100 Squats (Hill sprints felt great after this...)
  7. 100 Plank Jacks
  8. 100 Burpees (Crowd pleaser as always)

Mosey back to base and line up facing each other for Team Merkin Claps

Team Merkin Claps x22 (22 for the number of Veteran suicides that happen each day. 1 is too many, help our Veterans and remember those who served)

Start in plank position facing each other.

Down command: Both go down

Up command: Both go up and complete Merkin with alternating arm high five to partner.

Everyone needs to work on Merkins…lots of groaning after 10, 15, 20….yeah I’m calling you all out….

Burpee Circle to count off the pax



  • 2nd F Thursday night at Tacos and Tequila 6:30pm
  • 3rd F Friday morning at Dunkin Donuts 5:30am
  • EH Challenge for Saturday 4/4. Bring someone new or bring someone who hasn’t been in a while. Don’t give up on them!! Chances are someone isn’t giving up on you!
  • April 25th Jacksonville launches…see UHaul for info


In Team Spearhead Pathfinder training the motto is “When given a choice…do the harder thing.” Today that choice was made for the Q by the pax. Flanders scouted out the AO the night before and gave us the green light to use hills (previously unable due to poor conditions from all the rain) for some continued Mud Run training. This made the Q change his initial workout plan and it was for the better. The hill work was definitely the harder thing. Good to see some old faces come back out (Hobo, Threadcount) and to see Roscoe come back from his first workout yesterday. TClaps to Roscoe at 63 and Moped at 72 years of age who continue to come out and lay it out there. They could not do everything on the program today but they didn’t fartsack it. THEY DID THE HARDER THING and that was to show up and push themselves forward.



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