Murph the Town

Weather: 37 Degrees, Clear, No Wind – Terrific weather for a run around the town

Warmup: SSH (14), Imperial Walkers (15), Monkey Humpers (15), Windmills (15)

The Thang:
Modified Murph:
Run carrying cylinders down Cargill Way through the Vista to 2nd Street up to Carolina Ave, back down to 4th St. and back to the WarZone. The PAX stopped a total of 6 times for:

Sets of 10 cylinder burpees, 20 Merkins, 30 Goblet Squats, at each stop.  We did various exercises at every stop while waiting on the 6; they included: curls, 6 inches, box cutters, flutter kicks, Calf Raises, and Freddie Mercury's.

60 Cylinder Burpees
120 Merkins
180 Goblet Squats

Mary: Flutter Kicks (15), Windmills (15)

Gridiron 1-Year Anniversary is next Thursday (November 1st).  Show up and support our fellow PAX.

Proverbs 25:28 (How we, men need self-control) We need to protect our hearts of what we see and hear daily. We influence others and we need to be a good example.

Bucky - Was exceptionally quiet attempting to determine what he may do different for his own Virgin Q next Tuesday.
Sludge - Realized that maybe he shouldn’t have run 4 miles before the workout after having to run another 1.5 with a cylinder.
Tinker Toy - Thought the Q’s choice of coupon (cylinder) was a joke and completed the entire workout carrying the path marker from The Vista.
Cowboy - Couldn’t even come back to the circle at the end of the workout for the Mary.  Said that the beat down was so difficult that Eisenhower could kick him off of the chat.
LoveBug - Brought out his Halloween mask as the Wicked Witch of the West and wore it throughout the workout.
Eisenhower - Cried the entire workout until the Q finally gave in and instructed the PAX to complete curls until the 6 arrived.

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Well seeing as how there was going to be a new AO launch this morning(11/2) and the pax at WARZONE had talked about abandoning the original AO YHC decided to stick around. With no clue how many would post YHC prepped for 4-5. Turns out 9 beat the fartsack this morning which caused a modification on how we would do the workout, but it still had guys grunting and groaning. YHC broke out some Spartan toys from home. 2 tractor tires, a sandbag, a plate drag, and 2 buckets.

Weather-- 55 degrees and clear (perfect)


15 IC Side Strattle Hops

15 IC Frankensteins

17 IC Reach Backs

10 IC ChuckyCheese Squats (ass to heels)

The Thang

Pick a partner

Object was to hit all exercises

  1. Partner A flips tractor tire(provided by Norris Farms and taller than Arnold) to the flag while partner B bear crawls beside A. Partners swap at flag and B flips back to Cargill sidewalk.
  2. Partner A crab walks out 30' with rope then drags 100lb plate to him. Partner B crab walks beside A and holds reverse plank. This went from one side to the other(Fairfield to Martin's office) Swap and crab walk back to beginning.
  3. Partner A carries bucket to opposite end of WARZONE and back while partner B does Burpees. Swap when A gets back.
  4. Partner A carries 55lb sandbag for a mosey around WARZONE. Partner B does merkins until A gets back then swaps.

It seems that the attendance of the local FCA by  our resident educators has gone up from the past. We had 4 disappear like Cinderella at the Ball at 0600. The other 5 of us started the rounds over again until Mary was called.


35 IC FlutterKicks

35 IC 90 Degree Leg Raises

10 IC Dying Coachroaches

Count-off & Name-o-rama



Eisenhower graced us with a great one.

Wall-E closed us out in prayer





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Voluntold Q

Weather- clear and 44ish (grass was freshly watered)

So the great and honorable BenchWarmer likes to send out a weekly calendar of events on Sunday nights letting everyone know who has the Q at the AO's along with other events. His new specialty is assigning a Q to random AO's if the Google sheet is not full. I had the nice surprise of finding my name on the WARZONE Q for this morning.  Over the past few weeks YHC has received some pretty good looking workouts through the inter-webs.  So why not combine a few....


15 Arm Circles IC

15 Reverse LBAC IC (Cowboy spotted pulling in)

30 Imperial Walkers IC (YHC carried this on until Cowboy made it into the circle and got a few reps in)

15 Love Me's IC (GutterBall pulls a Holt and rolls up after warm-ups)

The Thang

Count off for 2 groups (these were not teams for a race in case a Clinician reads this. Groups created to be able to complete workout)

Group 1

DO 6 Burpees, step in tire drag and sprint to opposite end of WARZONE- Repeat 6 times

Group 2

Starting at the 1st swing set do 6 pull-ups, lunge walk to the swing across warzone (zig zag across park) There are 5 swings so pick one on the lunge walk back to Cargill to make 6 sets

Flap Jack exercises

Line up on Cargill sidewalk facing WARZONE.

Bear Crawl to each tree on the right side of park. At each tree do 6 merkins all the way to the end of the park.

Line up shoulder to shoulder with feet offset for sprinter squats 6 sets 10 each IC. Swap feet after every round. (3 each leg)

Groups line up for sprints. Group 1 goes then group 2 goes. Line up for another round of sprints. (ChuckyCheese may not always post, but he can still dig when he wants to.)

Mosey back to flag for Mary

36 FlutterKicks IC


36- 90 degree Leg Raises IC


YHC was pretty slack as far as preparing a devo. This work out was a modified version of one called "Welcome to Hell". It uses all 6's for times, rounds, and reps. It is meant to play on the fear that some people have of the 666 referring to the Devil. To YHC it is just a number. If you keep your faith there is nothing any number or the devil can do to persuade you to follow down the wrong path.

LoveBug asked for a few minutes to pass off the WARZONE Rock. He started his speech by quoting Mutt's rendition of the rock passing to LoveBug. The new recipient of the rock was described as a solid fixture at the WARZONE. LoveBug told a quick story of eating tacos with the recipient after 2016 Palmetto 200. The new rock holder had salsa and whatever else spilled all over his newly earned medal. LoveBug mentions it to him and his answer was "I'm not worried about this medal. It will go in the drawer with all the rest. What I enjoy much more is the time spent with you all."

Well earned WARZONE Rock for Dan Askins aka Wall-E!

Count Off/ Name-o-rama   13 Strong

1 FNG, Jordan Kuykendall (sucked in by ChuckyCheese) newly named "ChickenFried"

Wall-E closed us out in prayer.


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Old NanTan Smoker

Weather 58 & perfect Full Moon and shooting stars everywhere

Well YHC saw the WARZONE Q was still open at 6pm last night so I figured I better grab it. YHC has the WARZONE record of 5 Q's in a row only from the lack of guys willing to step up.  I figured what better way to get some guys to sign than to break out ChuckyCheese's favorite Wagon Wheel BeatDown. YHC texted CCheese just to see if he was going to make it forgetting that he is out in Colorado eating brownies and GummyBears since passing all his tests at work.


I had a Stallion/Fudger moment and couldn't count in cadence so stopped the PAX & started over.

25 IC Imperial Walkers (30-first 5 didn't count because I couldn't count)

15 IC Arm Circles

15 IC Reverse Arm Circles

16 IC Love Me's

The Thang

A wagon wheel has a hub and spokes running off of it. The WARZONE has a perfect set up for 4 spokes. The routine is you start with an exercise at the hub then run out to the end of each spoke, do exercise then back to hub and repeat.

Round 1 --- 10 Burpees at each point (Total 90) this gets the blood and sweat flowing (except for Cowboy, who pops in mid-round) Pick up the 6!

Round 2-- 15  Inappropriate Bridges-- Pick up the 6!

Round 3--- 15 double count FlutterKicks-- Pick up the 6!

Round 4 ---  25 LBC's-- Pick up the 6!

There is no way YHC can get that close to 100 Burpees and not finish so we hit 10 more for 100.


Count off, Name-o-rama, Announcements, Star gazing, Wish making.......

In the process of planning such a visionary Q, YHC passed off the Devo to Wall-E (He's way better at it than YHC for sure!)


How to balance 100 pounds of support versus 1 ounce of "kick in the ass"

Good Job Dan!!



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Sleepless Nights Make Crazy Qs

Weather- 70 and a slight breeze

YHC can normally sleep like a rock, but a few weeks ago I woke up around 0200 and couldn't go back to sleep. So, what better time to plan a new Q. YHC has also never done a Tabata workout and figured it couldn't be too hard since Italian Sausage (crap meant Stallion) seems to do them flawlessly.


1 Lap around WARZONE

The Thang

Tabata with a twist

8 rounds of 8 Tabata but instead of rest on the rest cycles we just changed exercises(1st exercise is the main while the 2nd is rest period)

Round 1-- Crunches/6 inches

Round 2-- 90 Degree Leg Raises/ SuperMan

Round 3-- High Plank/ Low PLank

Round 4-- FlutterKicks/ 6 Inches legs spread wide

Round 5-- HollowHold/ Inappropriate Bridge

Round 6-- Oblique V-Ups/ Side Planks (switch sides after every cycle)

Round 7-- ImperialWalkers/ Frankensteins

Round 8-- Meredith Askins/ Actual Rest!


Count Off



YHC didn't plan a serious devo.  Instead decided to talk about how when you don't think anyone is paying you any attention they actually may be learning from you. So this weekend a few of us hit the Spartan Super in Fayetteville on Saturday.  Then I ventured back Sunday for the Sprint.

My 15 year old daughter has been asking to do a Sprint for sometime now and the close ones never worked out right with scheduling until there was a change in plans a few weeks ago.  I asked and she said she wanted to do it. So, we set off Sunday morning and she was full of questions about obstacles and terrain and what not. I personally was trying to figure out how she would handle things like a bucket carry and rope climb.  Well I truly underestimated her drive. The first serious obstacle was the rope climb and she shot up that rope, rang the bell, and was ready for the next one. All while I was standing there mouth agape. She smoked the Monkey Bars then off to the bucket carry. We were in the Open division and saw plenty of ladies carrying buckets with 1/3 of the "required" rocks in them.  I put rocks in a bucket for her and asked if that was enough. She'd pick it up and say "add a little more". Well after doing that twice she said "fill it up". She couldn't actually pick the bucket off the ground so I grabbed it and handed it to her and she was gone. She never quit moving and never put the bucket down. I was amazed!  She even got 3 times further than me on Twister(a seriously stooped obstacle in my opinion).  I was so proud of her for smoking that course, and taken aback by her drive.  She's not one to talk much about anything really, but she's watching.

It goes to show that even though you think you're alone and doing things to make yourself better someone somewhere is watching. They may just need a little encouragement to take that next step life whether it is in exercise, faith, or fellowship. Someone is always watching!



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Where are the blocks? Bear Crawl Drag

59 degrees, 100% humidity, and clear

Side-Straddle Hop (15)
Reach Backs (20)
Fart Sackers (Penningtons): Little Arm Circles front and back (15)

The Thang:
When we arrived to the WarZone in the gloom, it became apparent that something was wrong.  Lo and behold, our cinder blocks were gone.  It didn’t take Yankee long to determine the culprit, RagTop.  That early morning run is paying off Yankee; you have been nominated as the official private investigator of WarZone.  YHC didn’t know if this was an act of war from FarSight, or simply a misunderstanding.  I tended to like the idea of an act of war between the AO’s and felt the need to strike back (for the record, it was a misunderstanding and there will be no need to strike back, this time).  Eisenhower suggested that we retaliate by running over to FS and take them all back.  YHC seriously considered this before realizing that this would entail a 1½ mile run back to the WarZone with at least one block, possibly two, on my shoulders.  It was then determined that the best course of action was to modify the originally planned workout.  The workout, was out of my comfort zone.  I typically try to stay away from anything involving blocks, due to the fact that I think they suck.  During my delirious summer mindset, I decided to embrace the suck and just get better.

Bear Crawl Drag - On Cargill Way, Bear Crawl with a ½ cinder block in front of you then pull the cinder block through your legs back to in front of you.  At each tree, do an exercise.
Tree 1: Incline merkins with ½ block (20)
Tree 2: Overhead Presses with ½ block (30)
Tree 3: Squats with ½ block (40)
Tree 4: Flutter Kicks with ½ block - 2 count (50)
Tree 5: LBCs with ½ block (60)
½ Block Slider back to starting tree
Burpees until everyone is finished
There was an unusual high amount of traffic on Cargill Way this morning.  We even had a car stop and honk, as if they couldn’t see we were trying to get out of the way.

Indian Run to the Vista
3 stations: ½ way past the pond, head of the pond, & ½ way past the pond coming back.
Station 1: Burpees
Station 2: Big Boy Sit-Ups
Station 3: Squats
YHC decided for the PAX to Bear Crawl in between stations during the 1st lap because I felt that the ½ block Bear Crawl Drag wasn’t tough enough, we moseyed laps 2 and 3; we moved as a group.  Eisenhower threatened to throw YHC in the lake if he ever caught me, this put a little pep in my bear crawl in between stations 2 and 3.  Gutter Ball and Krispy Kreme looked like they had been dealt a bad poker hand and couldn’t hide their displeasure.  Remind me to play poker against these two PAX.  
Lap 1: First Station 5, Second Station double to 10. Third Station double to 20.
Lap 2: Repeat with 10 at First Station, double to 20 at Second Station, double to 40 at Third Station.
Lap 3: Repeat with 15 at First Station, double to 30 at Second Station, double to 60 at Third Station.

Boxcutters 30
Flutter Kicks 25
Hartsville Hammers 25
Belden said that YHC needed to stick to his comfort zone from now on and never bring back block sliders.  I think next time, I may do them again just for the fact that we didn’t have the whole cinder block.  I felt cheated.  Apparently Love Bug and El Jefe also felt cheated because after we put up the ½ blocks, they ran back to the flag and started voluntarily doing more exercises.

Stinger from Charlotte used the following in one of his Back Blasts:

-each day is a gift
-live with intention and purpose
-find who you are
-tragedy with Cheech is a reminder of how precious and fragile life is

Psalm 90:12 says
“Lord, teach us to number our days, so that we may gain a heart of wisdom.”

James 4:14 says, “Yet you do not know what tomorrow will bring. What is your life? For you are a mist that appears for a little time and then vanishes.”

There’s not much we can do about the past, and none of us knows what lies ahead. So we make the most of the days we’re given. No wasted days. Can’t be living for the weekend, looking ahead to that upcoming vacation, the next job, when the kids are through with this/that stage. So, we try our best to live each day with intentionality, loving those close to us, advancing the missions we’ve been given, and contributing to that which is eternal. And if we’ve never considered, or neglected or deferred, the third F, now’s as good a time as any to aggressively explore and determine where you are, who you are, and why. Cheech’s twitter feed speaks volumes about his intentionality on this front, and hopefully his unexpected passing will spur the rest of us to live more focused lives. No more wasted days.

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‘Round the Rucks We Go

YHC got caught up in all the  “Let’s get up extra early and ruck some” hoopla last night and took the bait. Five pax showed up at 0430, YHC rolled in at 0436 and evidently Krispy Kreme got there at 0442. He got left behind. Green Acres was pawing at the ground like a stud horse in a barn full of fillies. Klinger took off on his own, because 3 miles is just not enough. After a pleasant tour of Hartsville that included a visit to Sonoco and back up 5th Street, YHC turned the corner on Railroad Avenue to a crowd of pax standing idly in the gloom. Up until that moment, YHC was nursing something of a bad attitude toward the impending workout, knowing it would be difficult without a ruck and would absolutely suck with a ruck. Something switched in YHC’s head, however, when he heard Cowboy laughing excitedly. Knowing Cowboy’s penchant for being late, like 39 minutes for a 45 minute workout late, YHC knew this was going to be a special day. Pax kept on pouring in from every direction. YHC got all titillated.


The Thang


Slow merkins x 25


This is always a crowd pleaser. No way to fake on these puppies. The pax are getting wary to YHC’s changes in cadence, too. El Jefe asked in Spanish when we were going to be done with these sissy warm-up exercises and threatened to go home early if we didn’t start working soon.


Slow squat explosions x 25


Green Acres tried to steal my thunder and call these Squat Jumps. Nay, nay. We were exploding. Brothel claimed he could dunk a basketball, but YHC called foul on that comment after seeing no light between his size 23 shoes and the ever-so-short WarZone grass. YHC occassionally bumped his head on satellites passing overhead. Next time YHC will time his jumps better.


Plank 2 minutes


Nothing says “Good Morning” like a nice hot cup of planks.


4 corners. Lunge and bear crawl short sides. Run long sides.

5 rounds


Reps of 50, 40, 30, 20, 10



YHC was impressed with Back 40 busting out Merkins with perfect form. None of that quiver business. At WarZone we forge men out of steel, not marshmallows. Toward the end, Mams starting doing one handed, hand release, clap Merkins just because he could. Nobody likes a show-off Mams.



Klinger toted a 60# sandbag the whole time. Nobody offered to take it off his hands. Not sure what that means. People just don’t have manners anymore. Chucky Cheese was dropping it low like Beyonce.


Mountain climbers

Eisenhower was born for the dance floor. His Mountain Climbers  looked like one of the outtakes on Flashdance. All that was missing were those leg warmers and some Tater tights. YHC avoided the kilt-wearing Krispy Kreme at this corner for obvious reasons. Belding cursed the weatherman for reporting good weather this morning. YHC, thinking of all the possibilities, called the TV station yesterday and bribed the weatherman to say the weather would be perfect for outdoor exercise.


OH press with cylinders

Thomas the Junkyard Dog Mutt Andrews kept making fun of people at the overhead press station. He juggled three cylinders and counted in cadence. Although YHC is glad to see his significant progress into manhood while attending WarZone, it is becoming evident that he will need a stern talking to about respecting elders. ATV whispered under his breath that Mutt was achin’ for a rakin’. On the last round, Brothel made a foolish decision to challenge YHC in a bear crawl race. YHC must admit that the man can move quickly for his size. Brothel failed to understand, however, that the race is won at the finish line, not at the start. YHC graciously sent a stretcher back for Brothel, along with a get well soon card.




Flutters x 25 IC

Box cutters x 25 IC

Box cutter positions for 10 count (Crowd pleaser)




Eisenhower made a special presentation to Mutt, handing off the rock. He gave a rousing speech that made Mutt cry. Cowboy gave him a handkerchief while Chucky Cheese patted Mutt on the back and told him to hug it out. Klinger got all sour-faced and asked why he couldn’t have a rock too and something about wanting a patch to go with it.


Seriously though, the line of succession for the WarZone rock has been very impressive. El Jefe gave the rock to Eisenhower and he passed it on to Mutt. All three of these men have demonstrated the work ethic, attitude and spirit of the WarZone. Several pax finished all 5 rounds today, then asked what else they could do. YHC is proud to be a part of this pax.




I have been thinking about the importance of being together. It is possible to do hard things on your own, but it is far more likely that you will fail. One draft horse can pull 8000 pounds. Two draft horses working together can pull 24000 pounds. There is synergy when working together. F3 is about a lot more than working out. If all we do is get fit, then we will just become good looking corpses. We must push each other to become better men, better husbands and fathers and better leaders.



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Body by Winkles

Despite a Churchhill boycott, Red Rowzee being MIA, Stallion’s 3X streak of missing Q’s by YHC, Radar’s Fartsacking, missing woodsmen Hooker & Chainsaw, we still managed to have 14 PAX for some Body Building.  Guest appearance by Winkles aka Chippendale.


Cool and breezy for June.


  • Squats, in/outs, plank jacks, merkins, jump squats x 20 IC
  • 8 count body builders x 10

MAIN Thang

  • 150 meter run
  • 25 squats
  • 25 in and outs
  • 25 plank jacks


  • 400 meter run
  • 25 merkins
  • 25 in and outs
  • 25 jump squats


  • 800 meter run
  • 25 8 count body builders

AMRAP for 30 minutes

Mary—banana/superman, v-ups, dollies, rosalitas, flutter kicks, boxcutters

Announcements—HH 530 Macs


Shared a few quotes

"You have to push past your perceived limits, push past that point you thought was as far as you can go.” Drew brees

“Most people give up right before the big break comes—don’t let that person be you.” Michael boyle

“Success is usually the culmination of controlling failure.” Sylvestor stallone

“There comes a certain point in life when you have to stop blaming other people for how you feel or the misfortunes in your life. You can’t go through life obsessing about what might have been.” Hugh jackman

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05302017 Old School

Weather– 70ish
NO RAIN Belding

Not much to do but get at it….

15IC Little Arm Circles formerly Penningtons by why give credit to someone “too busy” to post
15IC Reverse Little Arm Circles
Holt Arm stretches
5IC Big Arm Circles
5IC Reverse BAC

Eisenhower jumped for joy when I said there would be no running…..
Karaoke from block pile down sidewalk to parking lot.
High Knees to Cargill
Butt Kicks to Malloy lot
High knee hops back to sidewalk

The Thang
Blocks and bricks
The following were done in some order all slow and with strict form....
All exercises were held at the strength/pain position on the 6
Round 1

20 block curls
20 overhead press
20 standing tricep extensions
10 Merkins- hands on brick & chest to ground
10 Each Arm -- Balls to the Wall Leg Slaps(Linus introduced these at Revolution last week)
20 Front Delt Raises
20 Side Delt Raises
20 Rear Delt Raises
20 Bent Rows
20 Upright Rows
20 Low Squats with Block on back
20 Calf Raises on Block
10 Lunge Squats each leg with front foot on Block
20 Incline Press sitting on ground with back against block
20 Overhead Chest Extensions with Bricks
25 Chest Presses

Round 2
See Above

20IC Flutters holding block overhead
20 OYO Crunches while holding Block overhead pausing for a 1 count at the top
8 IC Meredith Askins





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Kickin’ It Old School

YHC felt like going old school this morning.  The second month that F3 was in Hartsville, Chucky Cheese, being the wise nantan that he is, suggested a double down before convergence one Saturday.  The normal boot-camps whipped my tale, but I thought “Why not.  Surely it cant be that bad if we are going to work out for an hour afterward.”  But to my dismay, I remember the four corners workout being worse than the convergence.  I wanted to share this pain with the PAX that weren’t there way back when.

Conditions: Muggy, around 70 degrees.  Field was wet from rain, but that didn’t matter because we weren’t on the field.

PAX circled up old-school style beside the YMCA.


The Thang:

IC Exercises:

Side-straddle-hop x 25

Imperial Walkers x 20

Mel Penningtons x 10 each way

Reach Thrus x 20

The Main Thang:

PAX would run around the block stopping at each of the four corners to complete exercises. Green Acres received advanced instructions and did all work from fourth corner (Cargill and 5th).  PAX would wait on the six before beginning the exercise.  Upon completion, PAX would sprint to the next corner and hold air chair for the six, then rinse and repeat

1st Lap: Merkins x 25 at each corner

2nd Lap: Jump squats x 25 each corner

3rd Lap: Big Boy situps x 25 each corner

4th Lap: Burpees x 10 each corner

All totaled, the PAX ran 2 miles.

It doesn’t sound like much, but you try it.  YHC was travelling the week prior and didn’t have a chance to workout.  It was the closest I have come to spilling merlot in over 2 years of F3!

Green Acres led us in Mary at the 4th corner:

Flutter Kicks x 30 IC

Leg Levers x 30 IC

LBCs x 30 OYO

Superman (hold superman pose until Q calls down) x 5 really long ones

DEVO:  Stubbornness: Stubbornness can be a good thing. It can help you to stay focused on you goals.  The PAX was stubborn this morning and didn’t let the block beat them.  Green Acres has been stubborn over the last year and a half, not letting his leg injury slow him down.

It can also be a bad thing.  I am stubborn, especially when it comes to something my wife wants me to do, because dammit, I’m right.  No, my M is right 98% of the time, but I’m just too stubborn to always see it.

Jeremiah 7:24 But they didn’t listen, nor did they pay attention.  They pursued their own plans, stubbornly following their own evil desires.  They went backward instead of forward.

Stubbornness affects your spiritual life.  Often times we don’t listen when God nudges us to do something.  We are stubborn and steadfast in our thought that we know best.  Try to be more yielding to God and to your family, but keep a little stubbornness around to keep you focused!

YHC prayed us out.

Respectfully submitted,


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