The Dynamic Duo

Weather 50’s and threatening rain. Evidently the prospect of rain and my Q were too much for the rest of the pax.

YHC had grand plans of long Indian File runs, pushing the pax beyond their self-imposed cardio-pulmonary limitations. YHC even devised schemes with his psycho-exerciso child, AKA "FasterThanDad." This was going to be epic.

Then people checked their cell-phones for the next morning's weather. Pax fell off like clumps of hair from a 50-something balding man. YHC is rarely the first one to any workout, even those he has the privilege to Q. This particular day, YHC was first and almost only. Fortunately Dumper showed up. YHC is a weak-minded man. If Dumper had elected to stay in bed, YHC would have thrown in the towel and slinked on back home in a whimper of resignation. The truth is that YHC has a lot of quit in him, and the only thing that gets me up in the morning is knowing somebody else is going to be there, too. Some people, like Klinger and ChuckyCheese, do this stuff on their own. They are sick and demented. Somebody slipped a mickey into their fortified whey protein shakes.

Dumper and YHC posted a pic of the two of us, like F3 orphans on a milk carton, then headed out to do some work. The fact that only two of us were present ignited a fire in my belly. I was determined to get in a good workout, channeling my inner ChuckyCheese.


In preparation for the Fox and a 1/2 Marathon with FasterThanDad, YHC designed a run/work/run routine.

Lap 1 around the Y block. No stops.

Lap 2 around the Y block. Stop at 5 pain stations.

30 Merkins

30 Squats

30 Mountain Climbers IC

Lap 3 around the Y block. No stops.

Lap 4 around the Y block. Stop at 5 pain stations.

Dumper requested a few changes to the routine, due to absolute boredom, so we threw in box jumps, monkey humpers, box cutters, walking lunges, flutter kicks, dips and other such nonsense. We both finished tired and sweating like sinners at a priest convention.


It occurred to YHC that we have created a situation where we only encounter people like us, yet we expect FNG's to magically appear and act like us without any introduction. All our free time is spent with F3 people, which is nice, but not very effective as far as bringing new people into the family. YHC proposed a radical solution. F3 pax should visit the Y and build relationships with people there. They are already demonstrating a desire to get better. It would be a rescue mission.

This is not to replace whatever pax are already doing. Just another avenue to pursue.

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