Christmas Eve 2.0 Kickoff

The conditions were wet but that did not deter the crowd. There was a huge turn out for our first Christmas Eve 2.0 workout. YHC definitely got nervous as the crowd began to grow wondering if we would be able to manage such a large group of 2.0s and Dads. The record number of attendees proved to YHC that there is much interest in 2.0 workouts and that this should be perused more in the new year.



Empirical Walkers 20 IC

"The Bow Tie Twist" a jump squat spin thingy.

The Hookey Pokey

The Main Thang:

Bow Tie broke out the ole P.E. Parachute for 10 mins of Burpees and bouncing balls to get things started off right.

Next was an obstacle course relay race. The Pax was split into 2 teams with a mix of 2.0s and Dads on each team. The 2.0 would do 3 Burpees then sprint to the drain pipe and crawl through it . Then sprint to the saw horses and hurtle over. From there they ran to a spot where there were potato sacks, they had to sack hop 20 yds to the end. While the 2.0s were running the course the dads had to Bear Crawl the length of the same course. At the end the Dad would meet the 2.0 and Fireman carry back to the starting line. This continued until everyone had run the course. The loosing team did Burpees.

A four corners exercise was next. The group ran from the War Zone to the corner of Cargill Way and 4th street where we all did the "Whip and Ney Ney". The 2.0s had this well at hand but the dads were struggling. From there we ran to the corner of 4th and Carolina where we did 15 Squats IC and 15 Empirical Walkers IC. Next we headed to the corner of 5th and Carolina stopping in front of the YMCA to do an exercise/dance called "YMCA". All the folks working out with the plastic ferns got a kick out of watching this spectacle.  At the corner of 5th and Carolina we stopped to do 25 LBC's IC. Then it was on to the corner of Carolina and Cargill Way where we did some Merkins before heading back to the COT.

With time running short and a large number of FNGs we decided to go ahead and wrap things up. The Name-O-Roma took roughly 20 mins because we had so many 2.0s who were excited about getting their very own F3 name.


Little Jack delivered a very good Devo about the true meaning of Christmas inspired by The Charlie Brown Christmas Story.

This was a well attended workout and all of the kids and dads had a lot of fun. We laughed and sweated together and the Pax of F3 Hartsville saw how much fun a 2.0 workout can be. YHC was inspired by the smiling faces of all the 2.0s and decided that it is time for us to really step up our 2.0 program. Hopefully we will be able to organize many more workouts like this in the new year.



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